5 Creative Team Building Ideas in San Diego

Often referred to as the birthplace of California, San Diego is known for its surf, sun and fun. With so many historic buildings and quirky neighborhoods, planning rejuvenating and exciting team building ideas in San Diego is a snap. We love the below ideas for a day of bonding with the added benefit of Vitamin D.

Tips for Creating Team Building Activities

  • Empower your team by asking them for suggestions and feedback on activities and locations
  • Set clear expectations with your group so they know how to apply their skills to work challenges
  • Connect the activity with building trust

Team Building at the Beach

Did you know that California’s second-largest city has over 19 beaches, bays and nature preserves? We love combining team-building experiences with San Diego’s outdoor playgrounds. Spend the morning whetting your team’s competitive appetite with some friendly competition on the beach. In the afternoon, enjoy the sun with a picnic or catered meal to wind down the day.

Amazing Race Through the Gaslamp District

Designed and constructed 1867 by Alonzo Horton, the historic Gaslamp District is a perfect place for an Amazing Race, our favorite team-building activity in San Diego. The Quarter’s sordid past of gangsters, brothels and Prohibition-era speakeasies is an ideal backdrop for a race around the neighborhood’s 16 blocks. Your group will unravel puzzles, record their triumphs and reconvene at a venue of your choosing for a day of light competition and plenty of laughter.

Connect with the Community

For a great team-building activity in San Diego that seeks to strengthen trust, connect communities and contribute to the community, try out a social responsibility project. We’ve partnered with charities such as Water Works and the Boys & Girls Club to offer a chance for your group to give back by participating in fun and interesting challenges. Just don’t forget the Kleenex when they realize the impact they’ve made.

San Diego Zoo Team Building

Bring out your group’s inner child with a team-building adventure in the San Diego Zoo. Boasting more than 3,500 kinds of animals with 650 species and sub-species, the zoo is a perfect team building idea in San Diego. Get creative and competitive with a photo scavenger hunt of mysterious animals such as the okapi (a giraffe-like creature), serval (a curious cat) and takin (a member of the goat family).

Escape Rooms

For the more analytical-leaning teams, we love the challenge of an escape room. San Diego has plenty of opportunities to test your team’s mettle, with a variety of immersive experiences created around some awesome themes. If you’re group is too big to squeeze into an escape room, you can set up a tailored escape room event in your own office or hotel space (hint: we can help : ).