San Diego Beach Team Building Ideas

With over 70 miles of coastline, San Diego is one of the most beautiful and accessible cities in the Golden State. Sparkling views of the Pacific Ocean, gorgeous sunsets and consistently awesome weather make it an ideal  . We’ve got some great tips to get you started on your next transformative event.

Field Day Games

Take advantage of the soft, white sand and get your team’s competitive juices flowing. For a bonding day of team building at the beach in San Diego, take your group on a Field Day. Try to include creative relay races and games that require GROUP participation rather than typical picnic games.

BBQ Celebration

Who doesn’t love a BBQ on the beach? Celebrate your team’s victories or reward them for a job well done with a BBQ overlooking the Pacific Ocean. While the food is cooking, kick off the party with some volleyball to get the whole group playing. Bring your own charcoal grill or do your homework to lock down the best fire pits if you plan to have a bonfire.

Beach Sports

There’s a reason that the type of “team” that first comes to mind for many is a sports team – team sports are inherently engaging and success is dependent on teamwork. Team sports make for an easy day of team building on the beach in San Diego. The challenge with physical activities is to ensure that no one is feeling left out but there are a lot of sports that are enjoyable for a range of skill levels. On the other hand, if you’re confident in your group’s athletic prowess, there’s no reason not to meet them at their level!  Some fun and relatively easy sports for a beach team event include volleyball, kickball, and ultimate frisbee.

Social Responsibility at the Beach

Pull double duty with a team-building activity on the beach in San Diego with a day of Social Responsibility. Partner with some great charities, or make a local impact with a beach cleanup day. Number your team off to ensure that their groups are mixed to get the conversation going. Round out the day with an afternoon happy hour and encourage the group to discuss how their actions positively contributed to the community.

Survivor at the Beach

Cover all the team-building bases at the beach in San Diego with Survivor Games. Our experts will tailor your experience for your team to get the most out of their off-site experience, with fun games, puzzles, and light physical challenges designed to get your team moving and working together. Follow up the games with a group meal and a victory celebration… may the best team win!