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Hollywood SockBusters Team Building

Socks are currently the most needed and least donated item at homeless shelters throughout the country. Given the huge need for socks – and our clients’ huge desire to give back, we have developed SOCKBUSTERS, a team building event that brings out the creativity in your group while culminating in the donation of hundreds (or thousands) of pairs of warm, new socks for people in need after every event. At the start of the event each team is given a range of colored socks and various items with which to craft their best sock puppet Hollywood stars.  In addition to the materials needed to create the…

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Water Works Charitable Team Building

Bring your team together and make a real difference! Over one billion people in the world today do not have access to clean drinking water. As a result over 5,000 children die EACH DAY. Your group can make a huge difference – literally saving lives – by spending two hours assembling water filtration devices to provide clean water for people in a single village. Our goal with this program is to go through Africa village by village to help eradicate this worldwide problem. In order to make this happen we have partnered with Water Works, an international NGO dedicated to…

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Bike Build

This event is extremely high-energy and interactive, with large numbers of people competing in short, fast-paced physical and mental (and hilarious) challenges similar to those seen in the TV show Minute to Win It. But this event has a philanthropic twist… in addition to winning points for each challenge, the teams also win bicycle parts, and ultimately build bicycles to donate to a children’s charity.

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The Great Mini Golf Give Back

This event is the perfect combination of fun, creativity and social responsibility!  At the onset each team will be given cans and boxes of food, a combination of other building supplies, and a roll of fake grass to use as their putting surface.  Our MC will explain that they will be using the cans, boxes and additional supplies to build a miniature golf hole (one hole per team).  Their holes will include hills, tunnels, and obstacles in order to make them as creative and as much fun to play as possible.   Each team will also draw a “theme” card to…

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This is a terrific teambuilding experience, giving everyone in your group the opportunity to explore the creative, artistic sides of their brains while also contributing much needed food to area food banks. At the start of this event each team is given a photograph of an internationally famous statue, building or landmark. They will then be given canned items that they must use to build a smaller replica of the landmark. Teams will be allowed to use tape and shrink wrap to hold their cans together, being extremely careful not to damage the labels of the cans, as all the…

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Style Your Soles

Your company can truly make a local AND global difference as you decorate and provide shoes for the homeless in your city and people in remote areas of the world. All this while your employees bond with one another and have a great time! At the start of this event teams are given a designated number of TOMS blank, white, canvas shoes. They then get themes (Sports, Movies, Music, etc.) and they will get to use the TOMS shoes as their canvas, as they create their own line of shoes using Fabric Markers, Stencils, and a host of other fun…

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Great Charity Challenge with Care Packages & School Supplies

Similar to our Bike Build event, The Great Charity Challenge is extremely high-energy and interactive. Competing in short, fast-paced challenges., similar to those seen in the game show, Minute to Win It, the ultimate goal is to provide valuable and much appreciated donations of items of your choosing. These include care packages, wheelchairs, school supplies, wagons and much more. At the end of each event, you’ll have an opportunity to donate these items to a representative of a charity of your choice.

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Amazing Race for Charity

Like our Amazing Race adventure, this program is action-packed, as teams will have two to three hours to explore a particular area (a city center, hotel, theme park, etc.). During the race they will solve a variety of puzzles which take them to specific locations where they will participate in a variety of challenges (building a self-standing five-foot tower, competing in a game of Giant Jenga, launching water balloons 100 feet with a three-person slingshot…!).  After competing in each challenge our facilitators will give each team items to put into their backpacks (supplied by us at the start of the…

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Pay It Forward

We have all heard of the expression, “Random Acts of Kindness”. This event actually gives the participants a chance to turn the phrase into a reality, as teams compete to perform random acts of kindness for total strangers. At the start of the event, teams will each receive their own video camera. They will also be given envelopes containing Random Acts of Kindness. Some of these might include getting a stranger to call his mother just to say he loves her, or feeding a parking meter for an unknown person’s car, or reading a story to a group of children….

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