What we've been up to in Napa and the Bay Area

As usual, we’ve been having a lot of fun with our team building clients recently. With the weather beginning to turn, we’ve been able to have some beautiful outdoor activities in the Napa Valley and the Bay Area in addition to our indoor challenges. From flinging rubber chickens at a target to building dog houses for charity, we always bring an element of fun into the team building equation.

Napa Valley:

Some of our clients in Napa made the admirable decision to make the end goal of their team building outing to contribute to charity. However, the challenges remain the same fun and games:


The Bay Area:

We had a chance to get outside to Angel Island with our clients for another Survivor Games team building event. The sunshine made everything that much better:


At Half Moon Bay we stepped inside the tent for our Fast and Furious team building event, in which contestants compete to create the fastest vehicles from limited materials: