Upcoming Hot Summer Team Building Events in 2022

Is your team ready to get together, bond, and work through some hurdles this year?

We’ve been waiting for in-person team-building events to be back (for good!), and 2022 seems like it’s going to be the year!

Here is a list of the hot summer events for 2022 and some tips for planning the perfect corporate summer activities.

Tips for Scheduling Summer Team-Building Events

Need some advice to plan a hot summer team-building event? Before we list our upcoming hot summer events of 2022, here are a few tips to get you started on your own event.

Get Outdoors

In most areas of the country, summer is a time to get outdoors!

Why should you stay cooped up inside for your team-building event when you could enjoy some fun in the summer weather?

Outdoor team-building events not only celebrate the summer but also may make employees feel safer when gathering in large groups in the new normal. If you’re unsure of whether your employees will want to gather together for a large group event, make it more appealing by planning an outdoor team-building activity.

If there are public parks or public spaces available for rent near you, we recommend moving your team-building event outdoors.

Celebrate Your Home City

Celebrating the city or town where your home office is located is always a good idea!

Your employees probably know your locale, but do they know the history behind the sites? Do they know the stories beneath the streets?

There are so many ways you can celebrate your home city through your team-building event when you take it outside.

If you have remote employees or employees who are in town specifically for this team-building event, this is also a great way to show these workers around town.

Connect With Your Coworkers Again

So many of us lost touch with our coworkers because of the pandemic. We worked from home or from remote locations, and many of us haven’t returned to the office full-time yet.

A summer 2022 team-building event will be a great way to reintroduce your old teammates and welcome the new ones.

While we had so much fun organizing virtual team-building events (and still do!), we’re so happy office workers are starting to reunite with each other once again.

Upcoming Hot Summer Events in 2022

Want to book a summer event for 2022? Here is the definitive list of the hottest outdoor and indoor summer team-building events of the season.

Outdoor Summer Team-Building Events

Amazing Race

Whether onsite at a hotel or hustling through an iconic city center, your group will have a BLAST as they solve a myriad of puzzles leading to several locations where they participate in a variety of physical challenges. Just to mix things up, each team receives a video camera to capture specific activities, and you can all watch the footage after the event…or destroy the evidence…!!

Survivor Game

Don’t let the name scare you – you don’t have to be athletic and we don’t kick people off the island, either! Expect to have a terrific time as your group competes in our unique variety of grueling and comedic physical challenges that “test” everyone both physically and mentally!


Flugtag is German for “Flight Day” or “Air Show.” In this incredibly fun activity, your group gets the chance to build their very own airplanes out of a variety of supplies and then launch them up to 60 feet from our launching contraption!

Indoor Summer Team-Building Events

Indoor summer team-building events are a great way for your team to get together — rain or shine. Just some of our favorites include game shows, room escapes, and more.

Game Shows

Game shows are a great way to get to know your coworkers and company culture. We include a variety of games including Jeopardy, Family Feud and short, fast and funny Minute to Win It challenges into our shows.

Whether your team needs to get to know each other better or needs to learn some pertinent company information, we can weave that info into a game show style format.

Project Funway

Patterned after the hit reality show Project Runway, teams design and construct clothing, to ultimately be worn by one of their lucky teammates as they strut their stuff on the fashion runway! Our “celebrity” judges determine which team wins the Best Garment Award, and of course, which individual is the Best Model!

Room Escapes

Escape Rooms are hugely popular but now instead of only being able to participate with a small group, we offer a variety of Room Escape options that can be done at your offices or in a hotel…

Small groups of 8 to 15 people can participate in a standard Escape Room, or hundreds of people can participate in a Table Top Room Escape – or you can experience an Escape the Hotel (or Office Building) that has your group solving puzzles and finding challenges in a variety of rooms! We bring all of the supplies – you just need to bring your wits!


Test your creativity and presentation skills – and laugh hysterically as you participate in our MacGyver Team Building Event! Find out which of your teams can save the world armed with a paper clip, some pvc pipe and a roll of duct tape!

Lego Build

Your team gets to re-live their childhood as they compete to build a variety of structures, including bridges, towers and even re-creations of world-famous landmarks during this fun and incredibly interactive program!