Shoe Design – For a Great Cause

We do a variety of charitable team building events here and one of our favorites is the “Style Your Soles” event. Not only do participants get to access their inner artists while creating a design on blank canvas… shoes (sorry!), but they also get the chance to work together to create a marketing campaign for their creations, jingles, posters, and even commercials. A lot of us haven’t drawn on our shoes since we owned a pair of Chuck Taylors in middle school – you might be surprised to recall how much fun you can have… and how much your design tastes have changed!

At the end of the day, not only does a local charity receive shoes to distribute to those in need but, thanks to Tom’s charitable distribution network, each local donation is matched with a donation to children in need throughout Africa, Asia, and South America.

We’re always eager to show off what our team building clients have created with us, particularly those that have taken part in our Community and Social Responsibility events. Take a look at what’s been done by our most recent group… what would YOUR shoe design look like?