Our Favorite Places for Team Building in San Diego

We do our events in all sorts of spaces: hotels, offices, convention centers. However, one of the greatest parts about living and working in San Diego is the beautiful natural surroundings, and the even more beautiful weather to enjoy them in. While the rest of the country is huddling in coffee shops and pushing through snow drifts, we’re at the beach. As a team building company, we’re lucky to have tons of great locations in and around San Diego where we can put on our events.

Some of the most popular places in San Diego for Team Building Events:

Gas Lamp District:

 Right in the center of the action, the Gas Lamp offers endless possibilities for getting creative with our events. Clients can incorporate just about anything they want into our Scavenger Hunt, Amazing Race, and Mission: Possible events. From the natural beauty of the nearby beach, to the myriad of businesses, to some of San Diego’s best known landmarks, the Gas Lamp District is the perfect urban playground for team building events.

It has the added practical benefit of being near the convention center, hotels, and many San Diego companies’ corporate offices.


La Jolla

With it’s beautiful coastline, La Jolla offers great opportunities to take advantage of one of the greatest assets we have down here: the Pacific Ocean. With some excellent public spaces, team building groups can incorporate the water into their events, or just enjoy it as a beautiful backdrop.

Similar to the Gaslamp, La Jolla also has the benefit of being located near many of our clients’ offices, as well as some excellent urban options to incorporate into events or “post-events.”


Beach Towns: Mission Beach, Pacific Beach

It’s really hard to go wrong with any outdoor team building event held in these areas. A huge number of parks around these areas offer great choices to find the perfect space for both the nature of the event and the group itself.


Balboa Park

San Diego’s huge public space that’s right in the heart of the city. Not only do you have the sprawling park itself, but also the San Diego Zoo, Science Center, and Natural History Museum, all of which can can  be incorporated into scavenger hunts or races. Additionally, public parking is easily found, eliminating the need to make complicated transportation arrangements for larger groups.

After the event, it only takes minutes to get to North Park or Downtown where there’re tons of options for post-event drinks or dinners.


Solana Beach

Another great beach town. The Solana Beach Train Station offers a great opportunity to incorporate multiple locations into a team building event, not to mention the train travel itself. This can really increase the scope of scavenger hunts and races.


Downtown Carlsbad

Our new, custom-made Beach Scrabble pieces in action

Yet more beaches, it’s a slightly more accessible option for groups that aren’t located in the heart of San Diego, and a great mini-escape for those that are. Similar to Solana Beach, Carlsbad offers a Surfliner train station, making it possible to beach-hop or get in and out of downtown.



Another option for beaches outside of San Diego proper. Oceanside has the added benefit of having a harbor, which can be great fun as a “playground” for events and also brings boats and yachts into play for clients who may want to incorporate a bit of seafaring into their day out of the office.


We recognize that the location of a team building event is an important component of a company’s off site experience. Whether you have a specific  itinerary in mind or are just looking for suggestions, we’re happy to share our experiences with you. If you’re curious about what kinds of challenges and events to hold around San Diego, check Feet First’s Outdoor Events.