Creative Team Building Ideas in San Francisco

San Francisco is the perfect place for a team building activity. There’s tons of culture here, beautiful sights and iconic structures. Got a little creative block when it comes to creating an activity? Sounds like you could really use a day out of the office. These five creative team building ideas in San Francisco will help get your planning creative juices flowing.

#1: Engineering Challenges

As a tech Mecca, San Francisco teams are full of individuals who know a thing about how to build something.  You’d be surprised at how excited (and competitive!) a System Architect can get about a bucket of legos and a fun challenge. One of our popular team building events, Flugtag, involves teams building their own airplanes from a standard set of materials – often a favorite with the technically-inclined.

#2: “Escape” From Alcatraz

Alcatraz was one of the most infamous prisons in the U.S. It was home to some of the country’s most dangerous criminals, including the famous Birdman of Alcatraz and even Al Capone. Only one person was ever able to escape Alcatraz — could your coworkers escape?

Escape rooms are all the rage right now. But what if you created your own escape challenge on Alcatraz Island? Ask your team to solve riddles and clues that are all designed to help them find a way of the island.

#3: San Francisco Amazing Race

The City by the Bay is famous for its iconic structures, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower and the Chinatown arch. This makes it a perfect setting for a scavenger hunt that challenges groups to scour landmarks and get connected with some uniquely San Francisco areas. Tailor your event toward the more popular icons for visiting teams or work in lesser known areas for a team of locals.

#4: Angel Island Amazing Race

Everyone has heard of Alcatraz Island but most people from outside the Bay Area aren’t aware of the breathtaking views of San Francisco that are available on Angel Island!

You can ride the ferry from San Francisco or Tiburon to experience one of the most beautiful and history rich islands in the San Francisco Bay. Put together a photo scavenger hunt that includes information about the island’s fascinating history like the Civil War buildings and the Immigration Station, and you can include taking pictures of the Bay Bridge, Tiburon and San Francisco skyline!

#5: San Francisco Movie Tour

Tons of iconic movies were filmed in San Francisco, including many Hitchcock films, “City by the Bay” and “So I Married an Axe Murderer.” Take your team on a tour of famous filming locations — or bring the team together on the production set of their own movie making experience.