Our Top 5 Most Successful Corporate Team Building Events

Most successful corporations understand the importance of team building. 

These events help reduce creative ruts, create camaraderie among coworkers and increase productivity. But which team-building event is the right one for your team? Time and time again we’ve seen the same events spark ingenuity and create bonds between team members. 

Our list of the top five successful corporate team-building events will help whittle down your event day idea list. 

What makes a successful team-building event?

Many companies want to understand the ROI before booking a team-building event. 

And while studies have proven the return is worth the OOO time, not every day away from the cubicle will make for a successful team-building event. In our experience, teams need to experience creativity, connection and achievement in order to reap the most benefits.


Many corporations come to us when their teams are suffering from creative ruts. 

We get it — this can happen! But doing the same stuff over and over will do that to a team (especially in a corporate environment). 

While our events may look like fun and games, they’re simply bridges between your team members and their next sparks of creativity. These games help to get participants thinking out of the box (especially if they’re confined to a cubical all day long!). 


If you want your coworkers to actually work together, they’re going to need to like each other — and the best way to do this is to create meaningful connections.

When we set aside time for active play, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to share parts of ourselves that we may not have otherwise felt comfortable sharing. We learn new bits of information about each other (Tom runs marathons, too?!) and find new ways of connecting. 


At the end of the day, team-building games are simply… games. Your team probably won’t need to solve clues and perform challenges to get the next sales deck prepared on time (or will they?).

The creative gold lies in the achievement each team feels as a collective when they solve a puzzle or challenge and the camaraderie they experience when they do so as a group. 

5 Most Successful Corporate Team Building Events

Our most successful team-building events are ones that get teams out of their comfort zones! They connect and challenge coworkers and allow creative juices to flow. We find that the following team-building events have the highest success rates.

Amazing Race Challenge

If you’ve seen the Amazing Race TV show, you’ll understand the concept of this team-building event. 

Your coworkers will divide into teams, race around your company’s city or town and compete against each other by using creative problem solving to decipher riddles and clues — all while performing challenges!

Escape Room Challenge

Yes, we’re all familiar with escape rooms by now. But how many of those escape rooms are tailored to fit your team’s creative and bonding needs?

Our escape room challenge can be customized to help your team overcome its hurdles — all while creating camaraderie between coworkers. 

Mission Impossible

Similar to the Amazing Race Challenge, Mission Impossible tasks your teammates with utilizing their super-sleuth skills to solve Mission Impossible-style challenges. 

This event is a great way for newly relocated teammates to get to know their new city or town. It can take place in one iconic neighborhood or even span several different locations. 

Culinary Team Building

Are your coworkers ‘indoor kids’? No problem. Our Culinary Team Building event offers the same high-energy challenges as our outdoor events.

We can create cooking challenges in the themes of Chopped or Iron Chef — or simply teach your team how to create a tasty recipe without the pressure of a challenge.

Community and Social Responsibility Events

One way for your team to feel connected with each other is to support their community. 

Social Responsibility events offer the same high-octane fun of our challenges. The only difference? Your team will work together to build bikes or sock puppets for local kids in need. Or, task your teammates with winning challenges to donate money to a local charity.