43 Best Team Building Activities in Los Angeles

There are so many Team Building activities that can be done in Los Angeles, it almost seems overwhelming to try to figure out which one is best for your team! We have tried to take the guess work out of it for you by compiling a list of Los Angeles’s Top 43 Team Building Activities.

A little bit of advice before you start scrolling…

 Whether you end up hiring a professional company to create a city-wide scavenger hunt - or you opt for a “do it yourself” activity and simply take your team on a hike in the Hollywood Hills - just make sure that you pick an activity that breaks you out of your typical silos and allows everyone in your group to get to know each other.

 For instance, if you go on a hike, MIX IT UP. Put everyone into smaller groups that don’t  typically spend time together. Get Jill from Accounting to have an actual conversation with Pete from Product Development. Otherwise, you’ll just have the same people having the same conversations – in a different setting. Don’t get us wrong, it’s nice to have a different setting – but it’s even nicer when everyone gets to know each other a bit better. Trust us - it’ll be great for your team’s spirit and camaraderie!

 We hope you get inspired by reading through our 43 Best Los Angeles Team Building Activities.

 And if you don’t have time to read the entire blog and you need to plan an event, or you would really just like a human being to bounce some corporate retreat ideas off of, feel free to reach out to us at info@feetfirstevents.com, or call (800)393-3338. We can’t wait to help plan your next team event!

 43 Best Team Building Activities in Los Angeles

  1. Experience your own Amazing Race in a local neighborhood (choose from Hollywood, Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Redondo Beach, Beverly Hills…)

Don’t worry, it isn’t a foot race – and the fastest team isn’t always the winning team. Instead, your teams will strategize how to achieve the most points as you explore a neighborhood in LA (Hollywood, Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Redondo Beach, Beverly Hills, Westwood Village – and more!). 

 Teams solve puzzles, crack codes, and film each other doing a range of hilarious activities including dance moves, reenacting scenes from movies, even staging an epic ninja battle!

 Beat the other teams while discovering the city in a creative and very memorable way…!

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  1. “Go Hollywood” as you Make Your Own Movie Previews or Commercials!

Los Angeles is the Entertainment Capital of the World – so why not “Go Hollywood” and Make Your own Movie Previews or Commercials!  Each team receives a professional camera, boom microphone, clapboard, costumes, props, cue cards, everything necessary to make your movie previews or commercials. Each team also has a Producer (one of our facilitators) assigned to ensure that you know how to use the equipment properly.

 Once all the Movie Previews are shot (2 to 3 hours), our editors work their magic, adding music and sound effects – so you can see yourselves on the silver screen within a few hours!

 The event can be done at your offices, on hotel properties, in a park – or if you have the budget you can even shoot on the backlot of one of our world-famous Hollywood Studios. We’ve had several film and TV celebrities stop and watch while we’ve filmed on backlots in the past, so

who knows, maybe Spielberg will be there to discover one of your coworkers and make her the next Hollywood Movie Star!

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  1. Take your group to the Beach in Santa Monica and participate in Survivor Games!

Before you get too concerned, in our version of Survivor Games, no one gets voted off the island – and we promise you don’t have to be athletic to be successful in this event. Instead, we have taken our experience as consultants for the Survivor TV show, and we have designed a series of challenges that will give each team an opportunity to test the mental and physical strengths of its members in a highly amusing fashion!

 You might be launching Rubber Chicken over 100 feet using three-person slingshots; or using Pedometers to count your steps as you form Human Bobsleds. You might compete in a “Muscle Build” Dance-Off wearing a giant onesie filled with balloons. Or you can test your vocabularies with Giant Words with Friends!  

 We can also include Company Trivia Bonus Points and Spirit Points – to keep the competition lively at all times! This program usually lasts about two hours, with a super-fun awards ceremony at the end of the challenges.

 If you have fewer than 100 People you can even participate in Santa Monica without the need for a permit! We’ll help you with all the planning!

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  1. Why not test your engineering and aeronautical skills with Flugtag!

OK, no one pronounces Flugtag correctly - but it means "Air Show". And it is a highly entertaining event as teams use random supplies to build giant airplanes and launch them across the tarmac. Action figures serve as the pilots!


Some planes might fly twenty or thirty feet; others might crash instantaneously!  But teams are judged on several criteria including Distance, Style and Accuracy (teams are given a target to place on the tarmac in anticipation of where you think your pilot will land before take-off!)

 This event definitely challenges your creativity and engineering skills – and your stomach muscles, as you will undoubtedly be laughing… A LOT!

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  1. Hollywood Sports Paintball Park

 If you’ve ever wanted to be an action hero, paintball at Hollywood Sports is for you! But even the most grizzled paintball veteran can’t win alone, and each of their game modes is team focused. Your team will build great communication coming up with a strategy and being forced to change it only the fly and adapt to the opposing team’s tactics. Paintball is great for your active team members who want to push forward quickly, while also giving your more tactical members the ability to hang back and choose their moments to advance. This classic sport has the unique LA twist that all their paintball arenas are built using old set pieces from Hollywood

movies. In addition to being sustainable, it also lets you feel like you’re stepping onto the set of an action movie. A mix of teambuilding, working out, and an Action blockbuster!

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  1. Lucky Strike Bowling

 Roll up for a fun time in the middle of Los Angeles at Lucky Strike Bowling at LA Live. Bowling is a great way to introduce a form of friendly competition to your team building activities, allowing those who love the competition to shine while still including casual players or those who have never played before. In addition to bowling, Lucky Strike offers food, a bar, and billiards for the full experience. They also have locations in Moorpark, Hollywood, and Orange, so for once encourage some workplace strikes!

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  1. Top Golf

 For golf savants and newcomers alike, Top Golf combines the fun of golf with the bonus of being a perfect atmosphere for increasing team camaraderie as everyone aims for their hole in one. Even if you’ve never played a hole of golf in your life, this gives everyone the chance to live out their dream of seeing how far and how accurately they can hit a golf ball. Introduce a tournament format to boost the competition or keep it casual and see who can improve the most. The venue is perfect for a workplace teambuilding excursion, as they offer rooms for meetings alongside their Top Golf bays with food and refreshments. Hole in one or hole in fun? Take your group and find out! 

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  1. AxeVentures

 There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the thunk of an axe finding its mark, and nothing quite as unsatisfying as the clatter of one missing. After learning safety from their Axe Throwing coaches, throw to your hearts content and bring your team closer together by playing against each other or working together to collectively improve your skills and get the highest scores possible.

Diversify your experience with lawn games as you’re waiting to throw and keep the connection growing even when not throwing axes. This unique teambuilding experience combines the usual benefits of growing closer and more productive as a group with the fun shared experience of learning a new and uncommon skill. A teambuilding Axeperience like no other, give it a go!

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  1. Brain Games Escape Rooms

 Perfect for smaller groups, room escapes offer challenging mental puzzles and riddles while helping your group work under pressure with the time limit to escape. Communication is a necessity to beat the clock and escape, so it can be great for well-oiled teams, while also being a great learning and bonding experience for new groups or people who don’t work together often. Even if your group doesn’t escape, it provides a great basis to discuss communication and teamwork, and most locations have multiple rooms, so you can take what you’ve learned and apply it immediately. While the San Pedro Brain Games are some of our favorite rooms, there are numerous rooms across the LA and Orange County area, so find the location that works best for your group. Plus, there are plenty of different themes to tailor the experience to your preference. A couple examples being horror (The Basement), deeper immersion in the story (The Stashhouse), or a focus on the puzzles (The Laboratory at Brain Games). A perfect way to specifically craft your experience for a smaller, more focused group, can you escape?

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  1. Hike to the Hollywood Sign

 Get out of the office and right into this piece of Los Angeles history with this six-mile roundtrip hike. Being a non-technical hike on a mix of dirt and paved roads, it’s perfect way to get exercise, even for people who are not interested in extreme hiking. Plus, there are plenty of shorter hikes for the less interested, and more technical routes for the mountaineers of your group. Team members can grow closer as they engage in conversations on the way to the peak and have end with having the shared accomplishment of completing the Hollywood Sign hike and pictures to put up in the office in memory. Ending with a celebration at a brewery or restaurant after can solidify a solid day of teambuilding, so start your climb! 

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  1. Spike Up a Company Beach Day with a Volleyball Tournament

 A beach day can be a cheap team building option for large groups with a variety of interests, while also enjoying the gorgeous scenery of the Los Angeles beaches. If you’re looking to add a fun further teambuilding twist, try running a Just-For-Fun company volleyball tournament. Split people up their smaller focus groups if applicable or make new groups with different people than usually work together to encourage fresh connections. Make sure to split up any volleyball players and keep the emphasis on fun and team spirit to best serve building up group relationships. Have enough players on each team for subs and bring plenty of water. Can’t reserve nets or want to try a different Co-Ed non-contact sport? Look into Ultimate Frisbee. Serve up a good time for your company today!

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  1. Make a Splash at the Aquarium of the Pacific

 If you want some education alongside your team building, check out Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific. Simply wander the aquarium making memories together or add in your own teambuilding tasks like a Photo Scavenger Hunt of certain animals to make the experience even more memorable and forge better relations between co-workers. The aquarium also offers fun opportunities to hand feed rays and other animals to further differentiate your experience. Raise your hand (or flipper) if you’re excited!

 For more information…https://www.aquariumofpacific.org/

  1. Turn a Weekend Getaway into a Team Building Heyday on Catalina Island

 Catalina Island is a fantastic destination to bring your team for some relaxation, while also offering some fantastic team building opportunities. From exploring the island on golf carts, to submarine tours, to zip lines, Catalina has it all, but our favorite for team building is the Catalina Arial Adventure. In this low ropes adventure, your team works together to navigate obstacles and challenges in the eucalyptus tress in the beautiful Descanso Canyon. It’s the perfect introduction to more intense ropes courses and does not require prior experience. Combine this with any of the numerous other activities and adventures on Catalina Island to put your team on and island of its own where teambuilding is concerned!

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  1. Hit a Home Run at Triple Play Batting Cages

 Ever wanted to know the joy of hitting a home run without the labor of running the bases? Triple Play Batting Cages are the place for you. With both slow and fast pitch machines, everyone can have a chance to get their home run. You can split people into teams and make it a tournament to add some more competition, or you can have a friendly competition to see which team can have the best bat flip celebration routine. With their venue perfect for talking and bonding between rounds, step up to the plate for your company.

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  1. Take a Sofi Stadium Tour

 Calling Swifites and football fans alike, look behind the curtain at SoFi Stadium, Southern California’s newest and most technologically advanced stadium. You can glimpse the insane work and infrastructure that powers the stadium and discuss how these streamlined workflows could be applied to your daily business practices. Plus, every tour ends with kicking field goals on the real NFL field - it’s harder than you think! Who on your team can make the longest kick? Plus add in dining experiences to make both a memorable and educational day that will bring your team closer together.

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  1. The Porsche Experience

 The perfect high end teambuilding venue for large groups is the Porsche Experience. For people who want to get behind the wheel, they have a 53-acre track for living your real race car dream. And for the less daring on your team, they have simulators to get the feel of the drive, without the track itself. Whether on the track or in the simulator this high-speed experience will evoke meaningful conversations and forge connections. With the addition of fine dining at their restaurant, this teambuilding experience is truly a step above.

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  1. Newport Fun Tours

 Take your team building on the water with a Duffy Boat tour of Newport Beach Harbor. A relaxing day cruising in the marina can lead to thought-provoking conversations. And if you want to add-on more teambuilding, make each boat into a team and give them a bingo card of landmarks or things to spot on their cruise, to introduce friendly competition and promote further connectivity. Bring your own snacks and refreshments to make the experience extra memorable.

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  1. Paint and Sip Studio

 Get artsy with this unique teambuilding event, where they bring the art to you. Connect with your group while everyone paints their own version of the art piece. Encourage collaboration from the most artistically talented or put your own twist by giving everyone a unique object to include in their painting. If you want to emphasize cooperation and trust, incorporate blindfolded painting in partners, with one guiding the other. They provide all the art supplies while you supply the refreshments. They even have virtual options if your group is unable to meet in-person. You really art to give it a try!

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  1. Cooking Class at Sur La Table

 Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin is quoted as saying ““Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.” Put that and your team to the test in your very own cooking class. Decide on the menu that works for your group and follow Sur La Table’s chefs and instructors as you cook and learn together. At the end, your team will have learned new culinary techniques to apply to their everyday lives, but more importantly accomplished the goal of making a dinner together and growing closer as a result. Then there’s the finishing touch of sharing your meal together to top off the experience. If you need even more flexibility or a bigger group, look into their virtual options. Don your apron and get to connecting!   

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  1. Enjoy an Evening at Mt. Wilson Observatory

 This one is for the night owls, as your team can reserve Mt. Wilson Observatory’s 100-inch telescope, the largest telescope in the world available for rent, for a night. This can be combined with a private tour of the observatory to ground your group in the history of the observatory and astronomy before your viewing session. Observing the vast size of the universe up close can help put your team’s problems into perspective and lead to productive conversations towards solving those issues. Who needs to wish for a five-star team building experience when you can look at some of the 200 billion trillion in our universe?

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  1. The Dinner Detective

 Grab your magnifying glasses and clink your drink glasses at the Dinner Detective’s live true crime murder mystery dinner shows. While the dinner will allow for connection, the sleuthing after really brings team building to the forefront of the experience. Your team works to solve clues and discover the culprit, who is one of your team! Therefore, not only will your team have to work with the trained actors, but also get information from each other by interacting and bonding in ways to which they are not accustomed. And if you’re not a horror fan, don’t worry, these shows focus on comedy along with the mystery. By the end, your team’s days of Whodunit? Will be replaced by We’vedunit!

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  1. Improv-LA

 Improv is all about building a scene with your partners and working together to expand upon everyone’s ideas. Always say, “Yes – And…!” (Never say no!) Learn new techniques for brainstorming ideas, alternate approaches to solving problems, and more. Balancing Improv games with direct teamwork technique training, Improv-LA works with your group to create an event tailored specifically to your needs. If needed, virtual options are also available.

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  1. Build Care Packages for Operation: Gratitude

 Operation: Gratitude provides a fantastic CSR teambuilding opportunity where your team can connect with each other while giving back to our deployed troops with one of Operation Gratitude’s many programs. Some include care packages, letter writing, hygiene kits, stuffed animals for kids of the deployed, and more. You can also combine games and light-hearted competition with building the care packages….

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  1. Volunteer at Union Station Homeless Services

 To give back to your community while connecting with each other, Union Station Homeless Services offers many CSR event possibilities. For a more direct volunteering experience, your team can take Kitchen Shifts to feed and give back to your community immediately. In addition to the CSR aspect, working in a kitchen with your team can be a great place for teambuilding as people will have to adapt to a different workflow and location than usual, prompting new conversations and relationships among your team. If you are unable to make it out to volunteer in the kitchen, your team can still give back through making sack lunches or building personal kits for hygiene, emergency food, and welcoming a new family home.

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  1. Volunteer with LA Animal Services

 Engage in CSR in your community by volunteering with LA Animal Services. One of their many shelters in the LA area always needs volunteers to help interact with the animals in their care to prepare them for adoption. In addition, volunteers can help other administrative tasks like photography and guest relations. You can assign groups to specific tasks or rotate them to keep people out of their comfort zones. Do whatever serves your team best while giving back to your community.

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  1. Get a Glimpse Behind the Scenes at Warner Bros. Studio Tour

 While Universal Studios might seem more like a theme park than a movie studio, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour focuses on the process of movie making, while giving you a look behind the scenes of your favorite movies and TV shows. While learning about the labor-intensive movie making process, think about how you could apply that workflow to your team. Additionally, your team will discover common media interests and share in the unique experience of walking on the sets of their favorite films or shows. Lights, camera, take teambuilding action!

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  1. Explore Virtual Reality at Los Virtuality

 Explore the wonders of virtual reality while connecting as a team. Over a single virtual reality session, your team can face many different teambuilding challenges, including the puzzle solving of a room escape, and the battle strategy of a laser tag game. Virtual reality can expose team members to problems that could never occur in the real world, promoting innovative thinking and problem solving as a group. They can also bring the VR experience directly to your office, so connect virtually to bring your team closer in reality!

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  1. Jump Away from Workplace Stress at Sky Zone

 You might remember trampoline parks like Sky Zone as the sites for kid’s birthday parties, but sometimes every team needs to step away from the stress of the workplace. Embracing the childhood mindset of fun can help with that escape, and what better way to achieve that than by bouncing on trampolines? With their dodgeball spaces you can introduce some friendly competition to your experience or have a competition to see who can perform the best trick into the foam pit. The possibilities are endless, and the teambuilding is certain, take the leap today!

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  1. Brew Your Team’s Recipe for Success at Dutch’s Brewhouse

 Make your own custom beer at Dutch’s Brewhouse, you can even put your team’s logo on the bottle when it has fermented 3 weeks later. In addition to learning about the process of brewing beer, your team will also have to compromise on flavors, additives, and recipes to make the brew that works best for the whole group. The venue itself also has live music, plus a varied food and drink menu to enjoy some connection after your brew session.  

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  1. Take a Breath of Fresh Air at Big Bear Lake

 Finding wilderness in LA is tough, but Big Bear Lake, just a couple hours outside of LA in the San Bernadino National Forest, offers a ton of activities year-round to help you connect with nature and your group. If it’s winter, go tubing or take a ski trip at the mountain resort, with some of the closest snow to LA. Or check out the Action Zipline and Alpine Slide, year-round attractions speeding through nature and helping your group connect over their higher speed thrills. Or slow it down and focus on nature by taking a hike on one of the many trails through the beautiful wilderness. With the variety of activities to mix between relaxation and teambuilding, have a roaring good time!

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  1. Warm up to Each Other with a Dockweiler Beach Bonfire

 Looking for a cheap evening activity? Enjoy the beautiful sunset on Dockweiler Beach and then continue with a bonfire as it gets dark. Facilitate conversations as everyone huddles around the flames or let connections form naturally. This can be a great time for musically talented team members to lead a sing-along to connect people through music. Bring food and refreshments to make it into an event to remember, and since firepits are only on a first come- first serve basis, there are no reservations needed.

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  1. Horseback Riding at Jigsaw Farms

 Why the long face? Probably because you haven’t tried horseback riding through the Santa Monica mountains with Jigsaw Farms. They offer lessons for equestrians of all skill levels. Additionally, if you want to add in more discussion and activities than just learning to ride, they can add in horsemanship lessons and mounted games. Therefore, you can customize your experience based on your team’s needs. Focus on the riding as just learning the difficult task can be enough connection for some teams or add in some mounted games to spotlight communication and problem solving in new circumstances. Giddy on up!

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  1. Disc Golf at Kenneth Hahn Recreation Center

 Disc golf is a low intensity sport that can involve the whole team. Many people have probably thrown a frisbee before, but disc golf discs fly differently, and the team can connect by learning and improving together. Split into teams and have each member only throw once, so the team collectively must work together to get the lowest score possible. Kenneth Hahn also has hiking trails, barbeques, and amphitheaters to turn an afternoon of disc golf into a full day teambuilding experience for your team.

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  1. K1 Speed

 Hop behind the wheel of a go kart for some high-speed fun. And don’t worry about this being an individual activity, K1 has a specific team building program that can be tailored specifically to your team’s needs. You will split up into teams and race normally, while also having a race where you are balancing a soccer ball on the nose of your kart with your team, with each round ending with discussion to ensure your team gets the most out of your teambuilding and go karting experience. They have locations across California, so find the one that works best for your group. Start your engines!

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  1. Take Your Group to The Original Farmer’s Market

 Delve into the rich history of the Original Farmer’s Market at 3rd and Fairfax. With plenty of shops and live entertainment this can be a great location to facilitate a wonderful bonding experience for your team. Keep it leisurely and let your team wander the market or add in some competition with a photo scavenger hunt or a race to collect certain items from certain vendors. The Original Farmer’s Market’s founders originally had “an idea” that they were willing to take a risk on and they developed it into the popular hub for food and entertainment it has been for many years. Hopefully your group can bring that same idea of entrepreneurship and innovation back to your workplace.

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  1. Battleship USS Iowa

 Battleship USS Iowa served in WWII, Korea, and the Cold War, and your team can hop aboard into history. Learn about the ship’s campaigns and the strict precision with which a naval battleship is run - and think about how every member of the ship is necessary for it to function effectively. Expand your experience with a private meeting in one of their many event spaces for or just enjoy a relaxed cocktail hour. You can even add on further scavenger hunt/room escape packages to focus on the adventure and connection with your team.

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  1. Rage Ground

 It always feels good to release a bit of pent-up stress or anger safely and peacefully, and Rage Ground’s rage rooms are designed specifically for that purpose. Smash, break, and demolish a variety of items to your heart’s content. If left unaddressed, stress and anger can significantly impact your team’s connection and culture, so why not harness them into a fun teambuilding exercise instead?! Choose from one of their group packages that include a miscellaneous raging room, a car demolition, or a glow in the dark paint party for the more artsy. Let those screams of anger turn into screams of joy. Just remember your closed-toed shoes!

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  1. Country Line Dancing

 The LA Wranglers promote country-western dancing and inclusion throughout the Los Angeles area, and they can bring their experience to you. Country line dancing can be a great way to bond as a team by collectively learning a dance. Learning a line dance is a completely different form of learning and cooperation than your team is used to, which can be great for forming new connections and discovering how to approach and work through new types of problems. Add in the fact that it’s fun and a workout, yee haw!

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  1. Hollywood Curling

 Ever wanted to feel like an Olympian? Learn the unique sport of curling in one of Hollywood Curling’s many “Learn to Curl” sessions. It is an extremely accessible sport, no matter how much traditional athletic talent you possess. No skating is necessary, just dress for the cold - you will be on ice after all. Learn the basics of balancing while throwing the stone to sweeping to direct it down the ice. Compete to see which team can get their stone the furthest down the ice, and then see who can get a stone closest to the center of the target!

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  1. Deep Sea Fishing

 Spend a half day on the water trying to reel in the biggest fish possible at Davey’s Locker. Fishing provides a lot of downtime to engage in meaningful conversations to get to know your team members outside of work. Furthermore, it is a lesson in patience as bites can come often, or there can be several hours between them. Managing your focus and the focus of your team to keep working towards the big picture is a great lesson that can be applied to our everyday workflow.

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  1. The Huntington Library & Gardens

 Embark on a guided tour of the 130-acre property, including sixteen themed gardens, three libraries, and numerous special exhibitions. Perfect for nature and literature lovers alike, a tour of The Huntington allows your group to get outside and experience both the beauty of nature and the history of mankind through literature. Cap off your tour with a meal at the Rose Garden Tea Room to complete your journey into history and nature and use the experience to facilitate discussions around your group’s history and future.

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  1. LA River Kayak Safari

 Who knew you could kayak the LA River? The LA River Kayak Safari is a two-and-a-half-hour experience that includes a leisurely bike along the bank of the LA River and kayaking down one of the few vegetated parts of the LA river known as Frogtown. Unlike the high speeds and rapids of other rivers, the LA River is calm and provides a fun kayaking experience for the novice and the expert. Additionally, through using bikes and electric vehicles for transport, LA River Kayak Safari limits their carbon output to be as green as possible. Get a river adventure experience in the heart of LA!

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  1. Shake things up with TalkTales! 

 TalkTales Entertainment is your one-stop-shop for all things Mixology! Spirit education classes, led by industry professionals with years of experience, cover a wide range of topics, from the art of mixology to the tasting notes of fine whiskeys and everything in between. These hands-on and immersive activations will leave you with new skills and knowledge to continue to make great cocktails for the rest of your life. Perfect for workplace team-building or a milestone celebration, let TalkTales' team come to you with our mobile in-person services or visit us in Downtown Los Angeles. 

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