34 Best Team Building Activities in San Diego

Are you trying to plan a corporate Team Building Activity in San Diego, or simply looking for a location to have an event? Maybe you are just seeking some inspiration for a fun and unique experience for your group. In any scenario, you are in the right place! 


We have compiled a diversified list of incredible Team Building and Team Bonding Activities and Locations all around San Diego that are guaranteed to help your team bond, communicate, and most of all - have fun!


A little bit of advice before you start scrolling…


Whether you end up hiring a professional company to create a city-wide scavenger hunt - or opt for a “do it yourself” activity and simply take your team for a hike in Torrey Pines - just make sure that you pick an activity that breaks you out of your typical silos and allows everyone in your group to get to know each other.


For instance, if you go for a hike, MIX IT UP. Put everyone into smaller groups that don’t typically spend time together. Get Jill from Accounting to have an actual conversation with Pete from Product Development. Otherwise, you’ll just have the same people having the same conversations – in a different setting. Don’t get us wrong, it’s nice to have a different setting – but it’s even nicer when everyone gets to know each other a bit better. Trust us - it’ll be great for your team’s spirit and camaraderie!


We hope you get inspired by reading through our 34 Best San Diego Team Building Activities.


And if you don’t have time to read the entire blog and you need to plan an event, or you would really just like a human being to bounce some corporate retreat ideas off of, feel free to reach out to us at info@feetfirstevents.com, or call (800) 393-3338. We can’t wait to help plan your next team event!


34 Best Team Building Activities in San Diego


  1. Experience your own Amazing Race in a local neighborhood (choose from the Gaslamp, Little Italy, Balboa Park, Coronado, Pacific Beach, Old Town, Mission Bay, La Jolla, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Oceanside…)

Don’t worry, it isn’t a foot race – and the fastest team isn’t always the winning team. Instead, your teams will strategize how to achieve the most points as you explore a neighborhood in LA (Gaslamp, Little Italy, Balboa Park, Coronado, Pacific Beach, Old Town, Mission Bay, La Jolla, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Oceanside – and more!). 

 Teams solve puzzles, crack codes, and film each other doing a range of hilarious activities including dance moves, reenacting scenes from movies, even staging an epic ninja battle!

 Beat the other teams while discovering the city in a creative and very memorable way…!

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  1. Take your group to the Beach and participate in Survivor Games!

Before you get too concerned, in our version of Survivor Games, no one gets voted off the island – and we promise you don’t have to be athletic to be successful in this event. Instead, we have taken our experience as consultants for the Survivor TV show, and we have designed a series of challenges that will give each team an opportunity to test the mental and physical strengths of its members in a highly amusing fashion!

 You might be launching Rubber Chicken over 100 feet using three-person slingshots; or using Pedometers to count your steps as you form Human Bobsleds. You might compete in a “Muscle Build” Dance-Off wearing a giant onesie filled with balloons. Or you can test your vocabularies with Giant Words with Friends!  

 We can also include Company Trivia Bonus Points and Spirit Points – to keep the competition lively at all times! This program usually lasts about two hours, with a super-fun awards ceremony at the end of the challenges.

 If you aren’t sure where to plan the experience just ask us! We’ll help you with all the planning!

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  1. Why not test your engineering and aeronautical skills with Flugtag!

OK, no one pronounces Flugtag correctly - but it means "Air Show". And it is a highly entertaining event as teams use random supplies to build giant airplanes and launch them across the tarmac. Action figures serve as the pilots!

 Some planes might fly twenty or thirty feet; others might crash instantaneously!  But teams are judged on several criteria including Distance, Style and Accuracy (teams are given a target to place on the tarmac in anticipation of where you think your pilot will land before take-off!)

 This event definitely challenges your creativity and engineering skills – and your stomach muscles, as you will undoubtedly be laughing… A LOT!

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4. Great Charity Challenge – Donate Bicycles, Wheelchairs, School Supplies…



This an amazing opportunity to bond with your coworkers while giving back to a local charity. The event itself is extremely high-energy and interactive, with teams competing in short, fast-paced - and hilarious challenges!

 In addition to winning points for each challenge, the teams also win items to create Care Packages or parts to build a variety of items that will ultimately be donated to a local charity.

 You can choose from a variety of items for many different charities, including Household Items, Personal Hygiene Items and Non-Perishable Foods for Local Homeless Shelters or Military Families, Wheelchairs for Senior Centers, Bicycles or Backpacks with School Supplies for Boys & Girls Clubs.

 Your group will have a great time playing the games during the event – but it will also prove to be a very moving experience for everyone involved when the items are donated to a representative from the charity at the conclusion of the program.

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  1. Aww SHUCKS, go tour and taste Southern California’s only Oyster Farm!

 Get out and on the water of Southern California’s only Oyster Farm! You and your group will explore the Aquafarm and learn what it takes to grow these delicious treasures of the sea sustainably and responsibly. Enjoy a hands-on experience that few can receive elsewhere!

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  1. Taste your way through the “Microbrew Capital” of the U.S.

 San Diego is known as the "Capital of Craft Beer" and has more than 150 independent craft breweries. Brewery tours are a great way for beer enthusiasts to experience the city's craft beer culture. What better way to bond with your team then over a pint?

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  1. Looking for a physical challenge and adventure?

 The UCSD Challenge Course provides customized adventure-based team building programs with a focus on leadership development and group dynamics. The ropes course is located in the eucalyptus forest on the beautiful UCSD campus, an ideal setting for a variety of ground-based and high course challenges. They serve campus, community, and professional clients, providing each with opportunities to support one another and overcome obstacles as a team from up to 45 feet off the ground.


  1. Trade in your business suit for a wetsuit and learn what “hang ten” really means!

 As the #1 surf school in San Diego, Surf Diva caters to groups of various sizes. With over 26 years of experience in organizing team building events for small groups and large companies and corporations, they have the permits, staff, and equipment needed to make surfing the incentive your team will talk about forever.

They share the stoke of surfing, ocean awareness, and surfing etiquette in a dynamic environment with every member of the team, so you can experience it together. The deep and unique bond formed while surfing and experiencing the ocean enhances friendly competition, creativity, interaction, trust, communication, and leadership in a natural way.

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  1. Yes please, I would like S’MORE!

 San Diego Beach Fires is the ultimate provider for beach bonfire rental equipment and supplies in the San Diego area. They take care of everything from start to finish! They deliver directly to the requested location at the time you select and come back later to clean up.

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  1. Always wanted to skydive but have a fear of heights? Well then this is for you!

 Whether you’re hosting a few dozen or a few hundred people, iFLY can deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.  They’ll arrange the flight training and gear, flights for all guests, customized event layouts, and catered food and beverage menus. Their buyout options for private events include everything you need to create a thrilling and memorable function for your guests. Gathering at their private event venue will surprise your guests with the dream of flight, teach them a new skill, encourage bonding over a shared experience — and it’s a fun way to celebrate a special occasion.

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  1. Sail around San Diego Harbor in a luxury Catamaran!

 Feel the gentle breeze against your skin as you glide past the awe-inspiring USS Midway, the majestic Coronado Bridge, and the world-renowned Star of India. Marvel at the stunning skyline that graces the horizon, a harmonious blend of modern architecture and coastal charm. Enjoy it all while sipping on a custom cocktail created by their professional bartenders.

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  1. Explore the World-Famous San Diego Zoo

 Empower your team and take them to a whole new level among the wonders of wildlife. From exclusive private tours to competitive scavenger hunts, the San Diego Zoo offers a range of ways to break the ice, spark creativity, and pump-up problem-solving skills that can carry over to work-life scenarios.

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  1. Step through the history aboard the USS Midway

 Visit the US Navy’s longest serving carrier which boasted 47 years of active service before retiring and calling San Diego it’s final home. San Diego has one of the largest military populations per capita in the United States and this museum showcases much of this history. With 29 restored aircraft, flight simulators, and the Battle of the Midway Theater, you and your team will have a fantastic time exploring!

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  1. Get ready for a whale of a good time on the open ocean!

 If you have a small group (six people or less), this is the best whale watching opportunity in San Diego. The tour takes place on a private boat where you’ll receive VIP treatment - and have the best chance to see whales and dolphins. 

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  1. Feel like a kid again at San Diego’s only beachside amusement park!

 Belmont Park offers the perfect mix of excitement and leisure with thrilling rides, top-notch restaurants and the ideal backdrop for any memorable event. From vacationers who want to bask in San Diego culture, to locals who want to play like kids again, Belmont Park has everything you want from a day in sunny Southern California - all in one place!

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  1. Explore the mountain trails of San Diego or the beaches of South Bay on horseback!


Relax your mind and invigorate your spirit with expertly-guided trail and beach rides.  Located just 15 minutes south of Downtown San Diego, our rides tour a beautiful River Valley Nature Preserve.  Our Beach, Swim Adventure and Sunset Rides take you through the Preserve to the only beach in San Diego where you can ride a horse! Our Riverbed Ride is a placid escape into a little-known part of San Diego filled with fragrant, lush greenery and occasional wildlife viewings. You’ll never experience the beach quite like this again!

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  1. Come play at Punch Bowl Social!

 Punch Bowl Social is located in the historic 1924 Coliseum Athletic Club, one of the 1920’s major boxing rings! You can now plan an event or a party in the once famous boxing marquee. With a legendary 360 degree bar, craft cocktails, scratch food and games like bowling, shuffleboard, karaoke and bocce ball, your event will have everything you need for a fun and memorable time!

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  1. Strap on those shoes, chalk them hands, and get ready to climb!

 Whether your team members are experienced climbers or have never climbed before, Mesa Rim Climbing Center has something for everyone. Professional instructors are available to guide and support your team as you climb, building trust, communication, and collaboration skills in a fun and engaging way. Mesa Rim Climbing Center is a great high-octane option for a team building event to get your team energized, active, and out of the office.


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  1. Kind of like surfing but WAY easier….

 Experience unforgettable paddle boarding group events with West Coast Paddle Board Rentals! We provide all the equipment you need for these memorable events at the best party place on San Diego Bay. Our customized group stand-up paddle board sessions are tailored to your needs, ensuring a remarkable experience on the water. You don’t need to be an experienced paddle boarder or water enthusiast. If you can swim and comfortably walk or sit, you can

paddleboard. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide guidance and assistance, ensuring you feel confident and safe on the water. We include all the necessary life jackets, leashes, paddles, and safety equipment required for a fun and worry-free day.

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  1. Golf Fun for Everyone – DiscGolf, FootGolf – or Regular Golf!

 While many love the sport of golf, not everyone has the skills necessary to play a full round. But  DiscGolf & FootGolf level the playing field and make it fun for everyone – all you have to do is kick a ball or toss a disc, making for the ultimate day on the greens!

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 Feet First can also provide additional facilitators and equipment for our All Star Golf event where teams have a bag full of sporting items they’ll use to get onto the green. All of the sporting items are donated to a local charity afterwards! What a better way to spend the day?!

  1. Speed around San Diego Harbor on the fastest boat on the water

 Small groups looking for an adrenaline rush will love the Patriot Jet Boat Ride, a sightseeing tour that makes quite the splash. This turbo-charged jet boat ride takes you all over San Diego Bay. You’ll zoom past military ships, travel under the Coronado Bridge, and consume an ample dose of eye candy for 30 fast-paced minutes. More than just a sightseeing tour, this jet boat ride amps up the adrenaline by carving 360-degree turns, performing daring tricks, and hitting speeds of up to 50 mph! All the while, your favorite rock tunes blast from the boat’s killer sound system. 

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  1. Speed around town in this puzzle filled self-guided tour like no other

 This GoCar Challenge offers your group the ultimate team building event that is fun, interactive and unique because participants use GoCars to solve riddles and find landmarks all around San Diego, giving each participant a fun way to get to know places like the Maritime Museum or the Midway Aircraft carrier to name a few.

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  1. Leave it all out on the Pickleball Court…!

 Pickleball has taken the nation by storm over the last few years! San Diego has year-round beautiful weather and has one of the few dedicated Pickleball centers in Southern California. Whether you’re an aficionado or a beginner you’re sure to have fun on the courts with your group

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  1. Get outside and EXPLORE! Hike, Bike, Kayak, Snorkel, or Scuba

 San Diego is home to some of the best hikes, outdoor activities, and beaches in Southern California. Take advantage of San Diego’s endless activities and great weather by taking your company or group team building activity outdoors!

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  1. Soar with the birds over the coast!

 The Torrey Pines Gliderport is the most historic aviation site in North America, with nearly 100 years of flying history. It is Southern California’s premiere location for paragliding and hang gliding. You can fly with North America’s MOST EXPERIENCED TANDEM PILOTS. All instructors are certified, professional, and available seven days per week. They’ll provide you with a safe and exhilarating experience.

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  1. Leave it all out on the track at K1 Speed!

 Whether you’re hosting a company function, celebrating a special occasion, or just looking for a unique outing with friends, K1 Speed is the perfect destination for a thrilling event with speed. All events offer a reserved time, private racing for your group, and a professional-style racing format (including a race for position) – all exclusive to our group event packages!

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  1. Paint, Dip, & Sip - Pottery Painting, Candle Making, Mosaics, & more…

 You don't have to be an artist to create a Masterpiece at The Hot Spot!!  Paint your own Pottery, Create Chunky Candles, Plant Fairy/Gnome Succulent Gardens, dabble in the Ancient Art of Mosaics and try Canvas Painting! Relax & enjoy great music in our spacious studios while you socialize with your co-workers.  Bring your own appetizers, beer or wine!

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  1. Sharpen those Blades and get ready to Fling That Axe!

 Axe Throwing is the ultimate challenge. It isn’t strength-based like most people think – it’s actually all about technique and who has the “fling” nailed down. Axe Thro Co can help you with your fling, and they can accommodate up to 90 people with ample parking, a host of nearby restaurants and bars - and the friendliest staff around.

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  1. It’s you and your group vs the clock… do you have what it takes to escape the room?

 Once you walk through the doors of Escapology, you’ll be transported to a fantasy

world. You’ll start out in their beautiful lounge, complete with leather couches to relax before the game starts. Once you’ve chosen which game you’d like to play, their friendly staff will walk you through all of the details and your team will race against the clock to solve the clues and try to beat the clock to escape the room!

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  1. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! (But this spooky tour might send shivers down your spine!)

 All aboard the Ghost Bus! Your group is sure to have a spooky-good time as you tour the scariest neighborhoods of San Diego! We’ll start you off at San Diego’s haunted Old Town, then on to the Sherman Heights / Golden Hill community, next stop is San Diego’s haunted Gaslamp District / Downtown area and finally returning to the El Campo Santo Cemetery in Old Town.

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  1. Mama Mia - Make Your Own Pasta!

 One of the best ways to bond with people is over a meal, especially when you’re the ones preparing it! It might seem intimidating, but making fresh pasta but is pretty easy – especially when you have experts teaching you every step of the way! This pasta class is dedicated to discovering how to make pasta from scratch. You'll learn how to make spaghetti and fettuccine – and how to make filled pasta such as ravioli, caramelle, fagottini, and more!

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  1. Throw Down some Clay and Spin that Wheel!

 If you are interested in doing something creative with your hands, then it’s time to make some pottery! Over the course of two hours, we will walk you through the basics of hand building, while you and your guests create functional pieces of art! Absolutely no experience necessary! All tools and supplies will be provided, hands-on instruction is included, and each participant will have the opportunity to create a food, drink, microwave, and dishwasher-safe piece of pottery

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  1. Hit me with your best shot…… FIRE AWAY!

 Come out to Hollywood Sports Park, San Diego’s premier Paintball and Airsoft facility. With group packages available and FOUR different fields to choose from, this activity will have your group running around taking their best shots! This is the perfect event for the adrenaline seeking group

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  1. Laser tag in a virtual world, what the what?!

 The GRID is a great place for a fun team bonding experience in Oceanside. It is a truly unique virtual reality adventure that everyone will be sure to remember. If you think you have

experienced virtual reality before, think again. Our HyperTag® virtual reality game is more interactive and dynamic than any other game out there. Unlike other virtual reality games, HyperTag® allows for team play and offers the benefits of a real fitness workout. Hypertag® utilizes our propriety and cutting-edge virtual reality technology to create the most epic laser tag game ever made!

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