4 Team Building Ideas for Teams in Different Locations

These team-building ideas for teams in different locations are all based on some of our most popular in-person events.

They make great remote events or pair them with their in-person counterparts if only some of your team will be remote for the experience.

Amazing Cyberspace Race

If your team needs a little friendly competition to motivate them, the Amazing Cyberspace Race might be for you!

Based on the Amazing Race gameshow (and our in-person Amazing Race team-building events), the Amazing Cyberspace Race will take your team on a challenge all over the globe!

Your team will explore famous landmarks, cities, and sites, using Google Maps to find their way to their next destination.

Virtual Game Show Extravaganza

Do you really even need to organize an in-person team-building event to take part in a game show?

Our Virtual Game Show Extravaganza is the best of both worlds because it combines several different game shows into one high-octane challenge. We can customize this event to fit your team’s needs — and game show tastes.

Cyber Sleuths

Cyber Sleuths combines all the fun of scavenger hunts with the challenges and teamwork of an escape room. It’s the best of both worlds with this event!

Your team will need to break out of a virtual escape room and run through a virtual city, solving puzzles and clues to find the next location (and the way out)!

Previous participants have stated they forgot they weren’t even in the same room with their coworkers during this event.

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

If your team needs to blow off a little steam but is bored of the same-ole virtual happy hours, It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere is the remote team-building event for you!

Concoct a cocktail with the help of our mixologist. All your team needs are the ingredients and a little pluck to create a drink that’s designed to kick your happy hour up a notch.

Then, your team will participate in booze-based games — all from the comfort of their own home offices. No designated drivers required.

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