5 Team Building Event Ideas for Pharmacy Medical Technology Companies

If your pharmaceutical, biotech, or medical technology company needs a day away from the office, we recommend one of the following team-building ideas.

Amazing Race

Our Amazing Race challenge is very similar to the challenges featured in the popular TV show. Employees simply need to work together to solve mini-challenges, racing through neighborhoods in your city or town.

This challenge is a great way for medical employees to learn creative ways to solve problems while working together. Your coworkers may even learn more about each others’ special skills.

Cooking Challenges

Cooking challenges are a great way for employees to get to know each other — while competing in a high-octane Chopped-style cooking show!

If your team doesn’t need competition to bond with each other, you may simply want to consider booking a food-related event, such as a food tour or tasting. Wine, beer, and cocktail tastings are also popular if everyone on your team imbibes alcohol.

Game Shows

Game shows are a great way for your team to learn fun facts about each other, the company, and processes and procedures — all while having fun!

Choose from Family Feud, Jeopardy, and other game show themes. These events work well both indoors and out.

Project Funway

If you need some help getting your coworkers to work together, Project Funway may be for you!

This is great for teams that need some assistance getting out of their heads because the results are often so outlandish (you try making an entire Haut couture outfit only with found objects).

Communication Breakthrough

We love communication breakthrough because it’s designed to help teams that are desperate to get their employees to communicate more effectively.

Examples of communication boundaries tackled include creative thinking, listening, trust, time management, and crisis management.