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The Amazing Cyberspace Race

Our Amazing Cyberspace team building event brings the fun of a globetrotting adventure to virtual teams in their own home or office! Using the Zoom Platform, your teams receive a series of clues that point teams around the world. Using Google Maps, teams explore famous cities & landmarks as they compete in challenges and answer location-specific questions. And remember, it’s a race! The first team to complete the challenges in each location and check back in with our host will earn the most points. But teams will have to decide: do you simply finish first, or go for the BONUS…

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Legends of the Hidden Temple

From the minds that created challenges for Legends of the Hidden Temple, Survivor, and Endurance comes a live-hosted Virtual version of Legends of the Hidden Temple! If you were a child in the 90’s, chances are you watched and LOVED the show! Did you always wonder if you could assemble the Silver Monkey, or how you would fare against the Temple Guards? Here is your chance! If you’re not familiar with the show, don’t worry! This is an exciting virtual Escape Room with an awesome storyline to keep everyone engaged and on their toes until the very end!

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Virtual Game Show Extravaganza

Created specifically for remote teams, this event was designed to build and strengthen connections. You may not be sitting across from one another in your day-to-day, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a team!   The Virtual Game Show Extravaganza is a high-energy and fully-interactive game show that includes Family Feud, Random Trivia and even some short, fast, funny Minute to Win It games. If Family Feud is not up your alley, the Virtual Pub Trivia game adds a twist, with rounds of trivia and Name That Tune (like those held in a pub), combined with some quick and funny…

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Virtual Minute to Win It

Get ready for fast-paced shenanigans with our virtual version of Minute to Win It! Teams compete in a variety of challenges designed to test your speed, dexterity, agility and your overall ability to complete inane and ridiculous tasks! Fling cards into a mixing bowl – why not? Roll Oreos down your face – sure! Create a self-standing tower out of household items – you were BORN for this!! Some games require entire teams working together, while others have one person battling to represent their teammates! Regardless of the number of people involved, each Minute To Win It game is designed…

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Cyber Sleuths: A Virtual Codebreaking Adventure

Introduce Cyber Sleuths, a REALLY FUN way to include all the puzzles, problem solving, and intensity of a traditional scavenger hunt or room escape… only everyone in the group works together remotely from their home or office computers!

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It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Your group will have a great time as they participate in It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere! – the most creative Virtual Happy Hour you’ve ever experienced! Teams compete in a series of drink-related challenges, scoring points after each round. Our MC/Mixologist also walks everyone through the creation of an awesome cocktail that’s sure to please… Virtual Happy Hour just got REAL!! At the onset of the event, we walk your group through the steps of how to make a delicious and tasty cocktail! (And you don’t have to ship any supplies to your participants ahead of time). We suggest Mules as…

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Water Works

A virtual team building challenge involving our great Water Works program that sees teams collaborate to create murals, have a great time, and make a difference.

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