Philadelphia Team Building Examples

So, you’re curious what a day of team-building fun could look like for your business? Come, take my hand, and let’s explore the big bad world of Philadelphia eventertainment options together. Below are some hypothetical examples to spark your imagination, but they are also very real possibilities. *It is encouraged that you listen to “Pure Imagination” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the rest of this article, but I won’t hold you accountable for that*


Let’s say you are the HR rep of a gym with locations throughout Philly. You want something active, something competitive, and most of all something that’s just oodles of fun for the hundred or so employees you have scattered around the city. Well, you can rally them up in a small rented portion of Schuylkill River Park for a day of Survivor fun! This event option (inspired by our experts who really did consult for the Survivor T.V. show) would have your employees team up and compete in a series of physical and mental challenges with severely amusing outcomes. Stations might include a rubber chicken slingshot, muscle building (with balloons), Scrabble, Memory, massive Jenga, and many more. One team will win, but no one is a loser. Timing is flexible, but usually takes a few hours. We’d do all the setup, all the event, all the takedown, you’d have all the fun — well, we’d have some fun too… :)  I highly suggest going the extra mile and hiring a few food trucks to come by afterward as an extra reward for the hard-earned Survivor efforts of your fellow comrades.


Maybe you run a small chemical engineering company and want to get your smarty-pants employees to engage their brains in a different way. You have corporate training coming up, and have a timeslot of about 3 hours to do something fun. Hmmm… How about forcing them to cooperate to explore their surroundings and solve a series of puzzles, riddles, and clues in a race against time and each other to emerge the fastest and smartest? Escape rooms are incredibly popular, and so is our portable version — all you need is a simple banquet hall or board room with a projector. We do the rest. And just like that, we’re gone, and you can get back to mixing up chemicals and putting food dye in things, or whatever it is that you do.


Let’s say you’re the President of a Philly-based telecom giant, and you just want to unwind with your board members and senior management team. They’ve been working hard, your quarterly numbers are great, and it’s time to celebrate. So, you reserve your presentation room, grab some drinks and snacks, and settle in for the game show of your life to compete against each other for the top spot. We have several different games to pick from (Jeopardy, Family Feud, etc.), and each would be specially tailored to your company! We incorporate mostly mental challenges, but we can insert physical challenges by request. We setup, host, and takedown the event, and the event can last as long as you’d like.


This event hasn’t happened in Philly yet, but I desperately want it to (I’m a bit jealous of my colleagues in our other locations). In this scenario, you are the HR rep for a pharmaceutical company and you could use a little activity to shake up your employees from their typical grind. You decide to go all out and have a day devoted to tearing up the old city, making videos, getting your goof on, solving clues, and interacting with actors, which is all included in our Amazing Race event package! Seriously. We split you up into teams, give you maps and a camera, and set you off on an exciting competition to arrive at your destination after completing your eclectic checklist. Afterward we could convene at City Tavern, decompress, watch the funniest bits of the videos you took, and announce the winner. You in?

If any of these options interest you or inspire you, give us a call or write in and we can work out something totally unique to suit your needs!

By Leo McConnell (Philly Team Builder Extraordinaire)