Holiday Team Building with a Charitable Twist

During the holiday season, many or our team building clients choose a holiday team building event with a charitable cause to round off one year and begin another.

Handing over newly assembled bikes to children from the Boys & Girls Club

Being the season of both giving and fellowship, it’s truly hard to find a more fitting (and fun) activity than a charitable (or CSR) team building event for the holidays. Never losing site of our core mission of bringing teams closer together through engagement and camaraderie, Feet First’s CSR events align team building goals with clients’ desire to contribute to good causes (And, we should note, we’re always left in admiration of our clients’ level of dedication to their chosen causes).

We’ve always found that having fun is the most effective way achieve the most essential foundation of any team building event, engagement. Our CSR events are no different, they simply have a greater payoff built into the overall structure. Moreover, the fun quotient is always increased during our holiday team building events, when everyone’s already filled with a little more cheer than at other times of the year.

Many clients come to us with a specific cause in mind, while others simply know that they want to give something back. Feet First is lucky to have developed relationships with great charitable, non-profit, or otherwise deserving organizations throughout California, allowing us to offer a number of great choices to anyone who’s looking for a good cause. Some of our most popular CSR events involve building bikes for children, gathering food for donation, and assembling care packages for veterans or active duty military personnel.

Style your Soles, a creative, charitable team building challenge in partnership with TOMS

Christmas and holiday parties are excellent; Spaces to socialize outside the workplace and bond in new ways are really important to any group’s morale. However, in unstructured settings it’s only natural that groups drift into smaller groups or cliques in some of these social settings. This is where adding a team building element or using a team building event as a Holiday party can help ensure that everyone’s not only letting their hair down a little, but really interacting with everyone else at the same time. It’s all about camaraderie, and nothing builds camaraderie like a truly shared experience!

Ultimately, the payoff at the end of the day for our charity events is really noticeable in the faces of our clients who chose to do CSR team building events.

We believe in positivity, and the combination of holiday cheer, enjoying on another’s company, and the deeper sense of contentedness that comes from giving back are the ultimate combination for a truly memorable team experience.

If you’re interested in team building for your Christmas / Hanukah / Holiday event, we hope you’ll get in touch with Feet First to find out what we can offer your team. Regardless, we wish you and your team the happiest of holidays and an excellent 2017!