Favorite LA Scavenger Hunt Neighborhoods

If you are coming to LA from out of town, you can definitely sit on a tour bus and see the sights from afar – but WHY would you do that when you COULD experience the sights from ground level in a fun and competitive scavenger hunt?!

Los Angeles has a ton of iconic and unique locations, so we figured we’d help you out by narrowing the choices to our Top 5 Spots for a fun, frolicking scavenger hunt!

First Choice – HOLLYWOOD!

Take pictures and shoot videos of yourselves along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Find the handprints and footprints of the most famous movie stars. See the Dolby Theater, home of the Oscars! And interact with Batman, Spiderman or Captain Jack Sparrow. OK, maybe not with the REAL actors, but there are dozens of lookalikes along Hollywood Boulevard who will make sure your experience is memorable and maybe even a little uncomfortable. In a good way. ☺

A Close Second – SANTA MONICA!

A gorgeous beach. Endless Sunshine. A fun-filled pier (it even has a Ferris wheel!). And the Third Street Promenade (an upscale outdoor shopping and dining mecca). It is a tourist’s wonderland. And a heck of a lot of fun for an Amazing Race scavenger hunt! There are dozens of murals and sculptures that can be used for a photo hunt and who wouldn’t want to build a sand castle next to the pier? There are also a TON of great casual restaurants for the wrap up, so you can sip a cocktail while you find out which team takes home the gold!

Almost Second – DOWNTOWN LA

It used to be a bit of a ghost town, but since the beginning of the 21st century Downtown LA has seen a total resurgence. Home to the Staples Center (think Lakers and Clippers), Disney Concert Hall, countless museums, theaters and restaurants, Downtown LA is now a sprawling, hip and trendy place to live and hang out. All of this adds up to a wonderland of locations ripe for a creative and intricate scavenger hunt. There are dozens of hotels in the area so if your corporate group is staying in one of them, there is no need to hop on a bus when you can have a fantastic time in walking distance of your room!


Beverly Hills may is best known for opulence and luxury, but that doesn’t mean you can’t run around and have some fun! There are open spaces, sculptures and of course, the high-end shops on Rodeo Drive. We don’t suggest going into the boutiques and annoying the shoppers, but we can definitely include some trivia about the area and some really funny videos of people WISHING they could shop in the local stores.

Other Runner Up – REDONDO BEACH

Less famous than Santa Monica, Redondo Beach is just south of LAX Airport and conveniently located to a number of hotels. It’s more of a local’s beach area, but it includes beautiful sand and a large pier full of a variety of fun “playing spaces”. We run our Amazing Race scavenger hunts around Redondo Beach all the time, and groups love the openness of the area!