Creative Philadelphia Team Building Ideas

General Tips for Organizing a Team Building Event

If you want to create your own activities and plan the day yourself, we’d recommend following a few tips. Or, you can always hire a professional team building facilitator if you’d prefer not to burden anyone with the with the not-insignificant task of overseeing an event.

  • Keep an eye on the weather to ensure you don’t get stuck in the rain — or the humidity outside all day 
  • If you’re planning an outdoor event, put together a backup plan
  • Ask your team what types of activities excite them most
  • Don’t make the day too long — or too short. We typically recommend a couple hours but that is very much dependent on a lot of different variables
  • Plan an activity that’s both creatively stimulating and celebratory (aka FUN!)
  • Manage expectations by printing out itineraries or getting the team together beforehand to discuss the plan
  • Give employees firm start and end times to ensure everyone can attend
  • Shake things up as much as possible! The idea is to break people out of the routines that are inevitably  formed in any work environment. To that end, don’t be afraid to step outside the box a bit.

#1: History Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Philly is known for its rich history! How much do your coworkers actually know about their hometown? Find out by creating a scavenger hunt that takes participants past historic sites. Award points to teammates who excel at challenges. Wrap things up with a trivia night or challenge teams to weave real historical facts into imaginary narratives. 

#2: Food Feast

Philadelphia is home to the Philly cheesesteak, thin-crust pizzas and dumplings galore! What better immersive experience could you offer than the opportunity to eat your way through the city? Take your employees to some of the best hole-in-the-wall eateries in the city and hire a history tour guide to explain the stories behind each neighborhood. If you’re more into DIY options, pizza and cheesesteaks make great, accessible “Top Chef” challenges that allow teams to show off their culinary skills and enjoy whipping up some reality TV style drama!

#3: Community & Social Responsibility

While not unique to Philly, you can’t go wrong by doing a little good. Social responsibility activities are an awesome way to get the team having fun together with the payoff of making a real difference in the local or gloabal community. There are many team building companies that are happy to facilitate events that tie these elements together and help connect you with specific charitable organizations.

#4: Museum Team Building

Thanks to the city’s historic significance, there are tons of museums here where you can host team-building activities. In recent years, museum-themed scavenger hunts have seen a huge increase in popularity, taking advantage of some really awesome and iconic museums to foster a sense of Indiana Jones style adventure. Some top choices would be the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Franklin Institute, but there’s no reason not to go for something more niche if it fits the bill for your team.