5 Creative NYC Team Building Ideas

New York City is arguably one of the best cities for team building. Not only does the Big Apple have plenty of neighborhoods and event spaces, but it’s also home to some of the most iconic landmarks – Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Village Cafés… name your flavor and New York’s got it. This makes it a veritable team building playground! These five NYC creative team building ideas will get your team out into the city or working together inside.

Idea #1: Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

NYC is famous for its many neighborhoods. From Times Square to SoHo to Chinatown, each area of the city has its own unique vibe. Why not show visiting teammates your city through a neighborhood scavenger hunt? Solve riddles and challenges by finding clues throughout the city that get your team engaged with local culture and history. You might even have time for a slice of NYC pizza or the best bagel in the city.

Idea #2: Community and Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Big Apple is a playground for both locals and visitors. Yet, according to the Coalition for the Homeless, there are over 61,000 homeless residents (including more than 21,000 homeless children) who live here too.

We love a team building activity that gives back. What better way to get to know your colleagues while making a difference in the lives of others? We can organize an Amazing Race for Charity or even help your crew build bikes for a local children’s charity, with your efforts going toward your choice of organization.

Idea #3: Project Funway

If you’re like us, your first stop in NYC may be the Garment District near Times Square to check out the textile stores featured on “Project Runway.”

That’s why we created Project Funway, an event that embodies the spirit of your favorite TV show while forcing your coworkers to work together to create a garment out of everyday items.

Idea #4: Games in the Park!

Why not take your group to Central Park and compete in a variety of challenging, interactive and hilarious Survivor Games?

In our version you don’t have to vote people off the island – but you might need to work together to launch Rubber Chickens with giant slingshots, or link together to create Bobsled Pedometers! The best part is that New York City only charges $25 to get a permit to use the park (that’s about as cheap as any park in the USA!).

Idea #5: Museum Scavenger Hunt

There are over 100 museums in NYC across all five boroughs. Why not choose one (or even two) to explore in a company-wide scavenger hunt?

Imagine racing through the galleries of the Met, MoMa or even the Whitney while searching for clues to your next destination? You could even switch it up and host your event in one of the city’s lesser-known museums, such as the Museum of Transit the Brooklyn Museum or PS1.