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Feet First Events offers creative Philadelphia team building and CSR events that are tailored to provide maximum engagement and maximum FUN for your company!

What better place for some friendly competition than the City of Brotherly Love? Nowhere else in America has Philly’s mix of historic and modern landmarks, art, and food (if you consider the cheesesteak to be historic) or of architectural and natural beauty, and no one can make it all more fun than Feet First!

Here are just a few of the many team building opportunities Feet First has to offer in the Most Underrated City in America (Huffington Post’s words, and we agree):

Escape from Eastern State Penitentiary: Feet First is the only team-building company to have put on an Escape from Alcatraz event. Sadly, Alcatraz is no longer available for events… but Eastern State Penitentiary is! Imagine an escape room with its puzzles and ticking clock, now add 30, 80, 200 more participants and see if your team has what it takes to do what Al Capone couldn’t—escape Eastern State Penitentiary!

Survivor Games: From the beautiful waterfront in Fairmount to the former home of the Eagles, Franklin Field, to any of the dozens of parks inside and outside the city, give us some space and we’ll have your group playing, learning, and laughing like kids as teams compete in a series of games to be crowned champions.

Amazing Race in historic Old City or the Museum District: Experience the beautiful architecture, art, and culture of the birthplace of freedom but with games and hilarious antics instead of lectures and noise restrictions as you play your way through some of the oldest streets in America or the internationally acclaimed museum walk.

We offer a wide range of other indoor and outdoor events. Above are some of our most popular team building events, but… we’re in this business because we love a challenge. We look forward to tailoring an event to your needs and adding you to our list of our repeat customers. We’ll make sure that when you have a team building event, you have a goo’ one!

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So, What is Team Building?

We recognize that the term “team building” can induce eye rolls in many of your colleagues. That’s probably because they imagine trust falls and group hugs. We assure you that our approach is all about fun and creativity! During the course of our events, your participants will laugh a lot – and learn things about each other that you never knew – often after years of working together! In addition to building camaraderie within the workplace, the participants will also be:

  • Building Trust
  • Improving Time Management
  • Communicating More Effectively
  • Managing Conflict
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Improving Leadership Skills
  • Collaborating in Groups
  • And of course... Promoting Teamwork!

What to Expect

Whether we are at a park with our Survivor Games, running through a town center with one of our Amazing Races, or helping you create your own short film or commercial, all of our Feet First team building activities focus on creative, interactive FUN! Please read about our different team building activities and watch our sample videos, then give us a call, send us an email, or fill out our team building event information planner. We look forward to putting together an innovative and rewarding team building program for your group. We should probably also mention that our years of team building experience have been intertwined with our experience as consultants for some of television's most popular "reality" shows, including Survivor, so rest assured our events are always creative and unique!

If you'd like to plan an event in another location, please check out a list of cities in which we operate.

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