Top Team Building Ideas for Tech & Startup Companies

Got a tech team that needs a little loving care outside of the office? Our top team-building events for tech teams include opportunities to build something and get a little bit creative! How about a MacGyver Challenge or a Lego Build, or using canned goods to create famous landmarks – or building and launching airplanes?! The sky is literally the limit!

Lego Build

Release your inner child as you compete to build a variety of structures, including bridges, towers and even re-creations of world-famous landmarks.


You won’t believe how creative your team can be when they are armed with a paper clip, some pvc pipe and a roll of duct tape! We give them a doomsday scenario – and a bunch of ridiculous supplies, and each team creates a contraption to “MacGyver It” and save the world!!


Flugtag is German for “Flight Day” or “Air Show.” In this incredibly fun activity, your
group gets the chance to build their very own airplanes out of a variety of supplies and then launch them up to 60 feet from our launching contraption onto the tarmac. Hilarious ingenuity at work!!


How about an activity that brings out your creativity, gives you the chance to build something – and gives back to a local charity at the same time?! Teams receive a photo of an internationally famous landmark. They also get about 400 cans of food to build a replica of the landmark. As the ultimate payoff, all the canned goods are donated to a food bank at the conclusion of the event.