Top 10 San Francisco Team Building Locations

The Bay Area is home to dozens of cities, towns, municipalities, and neighborhoods that are perfect for team-building events.

Boasting both wide-open spaces (think beaches, parks, and state forests), you could go as far north as Sonoma or as far south as San Jose and you won’t struggle to find a picture-perfect spot for bonding.

This list of the top 10 San Francisco team building locations offers ideal spots for Amazing Race-style scavenger hunts, field games and other team-building activities.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf offers the quintessential kid-in-a-candy-shop Bay Area experience! It’s full of child-like wonder and home to some of the most swoon-worthy sites in San Francisco.

Organize a scavenger hunt throughout the wharf area to reintroduce SF natives to the seals, aquarium, Ghiradelli Square, and other top sites. This is a great opportunity for transplants to learn a little bit about the area, too.

Union Square

This historic area of San Francisco isn’t just home to some of the best shopping in the city, it also happens to be where Tony Bennett left his heart (no joke, there’s a statue to prove it!).

Union Square is full of local history, big-box stores, restaurants, and more. It’s the center of the arts here in San Francisco, and this wide-open square provides the perfect space to play all sorts of games. The stunning architecture provides the perfect backdrop for all your fun.

Angel Island

Angel Island was the West Coast’s answer to Ellis Island. Used as an immigration center at the turn of the 20th Century, this island didn’t get a lot of traffic and is now owned by the United States government.

These days, it’s a great spot for hiking, field games, and (of course) team-building events! All you need to do is make sure your team gets on the ferry, and you’ll get to spend the entire day bonding with your coworkers on an isolated island with picturesque views of the city.

Did anyone say, “Escape challenge?”


Another picture-perfect Bay Area neighborhood, Sausalito is the ideal spot for scavenger hunts and Amazing Race-style team-building events.

The nearby Golden Gate Recreation Area is an open beach, perfect for field games and other outdoor activities that require a little extra space.

The neighborhood area is known for its restaurants, art galleries, shops, and local historic houseboats. Send your team on a wild goose chase through the neighborhood before breaking bread together at one of the local restaurants.


Healdsburg is Sonoma’s lesser-known cousin. While most tourists flock to Sonoma for its wineries and restaurants, locals know that the municipality of Healdsburg is actually where it’s at!

The downtown area here is perfect for scavenger hunts and Amazing Race activities. Or book one of the local restaurants for a cooking or food team building activity, as Healdsburg is known for being home to some of the best restaurants in the Bay Area!

Downtown Palo Alto

If your team is based in Silicon Valley, Downtown Palo Alto should be the location for your next team-building event.

Another area filled with historic landmarks, Palo Alto is possibly most well-known for being home to Stanford University. The university recently reopened its campus to the public (huzzah!), and there are plenty of landmarks and buildings to send your team on an Amazing Race-style challenge.


Another area that offers the best of both worlds (wide-open spaces for field games and a picturesque downtown area for scavenger hunts, Amazing Race, and Mission Possible games) is Berkeley.

Home to the University of California, Berkeley, this neighborhood has an artsy/foodie vibe. Stump your teammates by sending them on a hunt for famous landmarks, historical sites, and ornate architecture.

Downtown San Jose

Another neighborhood perfect for Silicon Valley-based teams, Downtown San Jose is home to several architectural landmarks (including the Oddfellows Building, Cesar Chavez Plaza, and City Hall).

Team building events that would work well in this neighborhood include scavenger hunts, Amazing Race games, and Mission Possible team building.

Downtown Sonoma

Sonoma itself is known for its award-winning vineyards (and wine tours and wine tastings always make great team-building events — as long as everyone on your team imbibes!).

But Downtown Sonoma is a great backdrop for team bonding, too. This Mayberry-esque town has a picturesque town square, and there’s plenty of space to spread out and enjoy a few field games.

Sonoma is also ideal for scavenger hunts, food tours, Amazing Race events, and Mission Possible games.

Mountain View

Another area convenient for Silicon Valley teams is Mountain View. This city is less urban than nearby San Jose and is the perfect spot for events that require a little more legroom.

Spread out and play some field games at Cuesta Park or send your team on a scavenger hunt through the city’s jewel box downtown area.

If your team gets a little bit rowdy, you may want to head over to Charleston Park (on the Google campus), where you can let loose with competitive events like Amazing Race and Mission Impossible games.