Team Building Activities for 2015

As we head into 2015, Feet First has a number of team building activities to bring you and your colleagues closer together in variety of creative ways. Whether you’re San Diego, San Francisco or Seattle we’ve got popular activities that can be held either indoors or outdoors. Depending on your specific goals, we can tailor our events to emphasize individual skills, thinking, listening, trust, time management, and crisis management. More than anything we believe in bringing a sense of camaraderie and team spirit through challenges that leave everyone smiling. 


Amazing Race

With Feet First’s background in coming up with concepts for TV show challenges, the Amazing Race has been one of our most popular team building events, and will continue to be so in 2015. Participants are divided into teams according to the size of your group, and given “rules of the road” which explain how the game works and how points are gained.

Each team then embarks on a day of tackling puzzles and challenges as they move from location to location. The majority of the physical challenges provided are very accessible. As always, our emphasis is on inclusive engagement more than anything. That said, if you’d like to make rock climbing or other such activities a part of your day, we’re more than happy to accommodate you.

When each team has tackled each challenge, everyone will meet up and present to the whole group the photographic and video evidence of their performance (cameras provided). At this point each team is awarded points, and a winners ceremony is held.

Also popular this past year has been our Amazing Race for Charity, in which the outline of the event is the same, but at the end of the day a donation to the charity of your choice is made by your entire group.

Thanks to our climate in California, many clients choose to take advantage of parks, beaches, or entire cities in this activity. However, the location is flexible, and it can also be held in hotels or convention centers.


Make Your Own Movies

Make a sequel to your favorite movie in 2015. Our proximity to Hollywood and the center of the world’s movie industry makes our Movie Making events extremely popular with our clients. As in 2014, many clients will choose to utilize locations such as Universal Studios, taking advantage of the unique settings and getting into the Hollywood spirit. Our most popular version of this event involves the creation of a trailer for a sequel to a well known blockbuster. The options for movies are only confined by your groups preferences. Popular choices include recent releases and well-known blockbusters from the last two decades (Think MIB, Pirates of the Carribbean, Austin Powers, etc.).

Once a team has chosen a movie- they have the chance to write the plot of its sequel. From this point every aspect of the trailer is in the creative hands of the group. From the voice over work — “In a world…” — to filming the action highlights, we provide all of the equipment needed: props, costumes, professional cameras and booms, and more. It’s an excellent opportunity for everyone to put their heads together!

After each group has created their preview, each one is screened in front of everyone and the best work is voted on.


Feet First Charity Events

Feet First Events is proud to offer a variety of charitable team building activities in 2015. These activities add a dimension of social responsibility and its inherent rewards without sacrificing any of the fun that brings your team closer together. From Bikes to Wheelchairs, shoes to care packages, Feet First can provide a variety of options for donation to a wide range of recipients. Challenges such as the the Bike Build, and the Great Charity Challenge incorporate a number of fun, fast-paced challenges into the actual assembly of the items for donation. This gives your team a chance to become fully engaged with the project and each other before the rewarding experience of directly handing over donations to the chosen recipients.

If you’d like to engage your teams creative and design abilities in the new year, the Style Your Soles gives everyone a chance to come up with logos and designs for pairs of Toms. Alternatively, the Michael-CAN-Gelo event gives you a chance to create architectural masterpieces from food items that will again be donated at the end of the event.


Game Shows

In 2015, Feet First has a number of go-to game shows that your company or organization can participate in. With versions of Jeopardy, Family Feud, Minute To Win It, and Are You Smarter than a Fifth-Grader (or Senior Management), our emphasis is on an inclusive experience that engages everyone in both the subject matter matter of the game, and the larger goal of bringing solidarity to your group.

The nature of the game shows allows for numerous opportunities to customize your group’s experience. If you have a specific program or product that is related to your desire for a team building experience, our game shows are a great way to integrate key, organization-specific points into a day of fun. Inside jokes are also welcome!

Feet First Game Shows can be held for virtually any size group, from smaller teams to larger conferences.


Survivor Games

This year we’re bringing our experience as consultants to the television show to our very own Survivor Games team building exercise. Although this is a great physical, outdoor activity our challenges are designed to be accessible and engaging to all involved. Some of the competitions include Water Balloon Slingshots, Human Spheres, Lifesize Jenga, Giant Scrabble, and variations of classics such as Dodgeball, Volleyball, and Home Run Derby. At the end of the event everyone gathers together for an award ceremony. Whether it’s a new product launch or just a team that’s in need of a bonding experience going into the new year, we can incorporate elements that are important to your organization. Over the past year, this event has proven to be very popular on the beaches of Santa Monica and San Diego, as well as San Francisco’s many parks.