Seattle Team Building Ideas

Working in Seattle

Seattle is a great place to work. It's a big city with lots of things to do and see. The people are friendly and the job market is vibrant, especially in the tech industry. Sure, it rains a lot but that just makes it a great place to cozy up inside with a good book or have fun exploring the outdoors when the sun comes out. There's always something new to discover, from delicious food to exciting events, and there's a strong sense of community that makes Seattle feel like home.

Corporate Team Building in Seattle

Team building is a great investment for your team. It can remind us what's important in our company, and make us all feel like we're a part of something bigger than ourselves. It's important to pick the right activities that will help you reach your goals and that everyone will enjoy doing. Now, let's check out some cool team building activities in Seattle.

Sailing with Seattle Sailing Club

Have fun sailing the high seas! Seattle Sailing Club offers team building events for groups of all sizes. Their events stimulate communication, enhance team decision making, develop confidence and trust among team members, boost collaboration, strengthen morale, and increase productivity. The club boasts a range of modern, well-maintained sailboats, staffed by experienced professionals, and is conveniently located in Seattle, making its group programs both efficient and enjoyable for all participants, without the need for prior sailing experience.

Bumper Cars at Whirlyball

If your team building events aren’t as exciting as you’d like, you can add one simple thing: bumper cars! While traditional corporate events have their merits, allowing employees to mix and have fun is also important. By putting employees from different departments on a WhirlyBall team, team building can occur in a unique and enjoyable manner. The event planners at WhirlyBall can help create an event that has all the necessary components, such as high-tech audio and visual equipment, food and drinks, and a variety of entertainment options. They can accommodate both large and small groups, making it the perfect location for a company outing.

Forge Steel at Lawless Forge

Be a blacksmith for a day! Lawless Forge provides the opportunity to strengthen and reinforce the best qualities of your team. Whether it be to boost morale, recognize their excellence, or just to have some fun, Lawless Forge offers a unique and exciting team building experience in Seattle. Your team will have the chance to use anvils, hammers, and fire to create custom bottle openers, knives, chopsticks/wasabi bowls, or garden art. This hands-on experience will provide a unique opportunity for team members to work together, using their skills and creativity to craft something they can be proud of. Each class at Lawless Forge is specifically designed to bring team members closer together, improve morale, and create a stronger and more cohesive group.

Breaking Things With Rage Industry

If you’re having some tension at work, try relieving stress by breaking things with Rage Industry. This fun way of bonding with coworkers can do a lot of good for the workplace. Building teamwork skills helps boost employees’ motivation, making them feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions. This makes them feel more confident and willing to take on new challenges. Sparking creativity by doing something different and out of the norm with coworkers can inspire new ideas and thinking outside of the box. By improving relationships, barriers break down between leaders and employees by giving leaders the chance to show that they're just colleagues, not bosses. This can make everyone feel more connected and build trust.

Blowing Glass at Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Seattle Glassblowing Studio offers a unique team-building activity where colleagues can have a hands-on experience in the hot shop to create their own glass art piece, which they can keep after it has cooled down. The studio is happy to work with groups to create customized packages that meet their needs. The selection of typical shapes includes molded options, ornaments, seafloats, and bowls. There is also an option to add on a larger group piece or customized departure gifts for guests.

It is important to note that the glass pieces require time to cool and will be available for pickup two days later. If shipping is needed, the studio can make the necessary arrangements.

Cooking Classes with Hot Stove Society

Hot Stove Society provides a range of cooking classes for team building and private events. The experience of preparing and eating food together is one of life's most enjoyable activities, and the Hot Stove Society team of chefs offers a variety of menus that can be made by a group in their kitchen. A chef instructor leads participants through the food preparation, sharing tips and techniques to help all skill levels contribute to the finished meal. The event can be customized to fit the needs of the group. If the group wants to be hands-on and prepare the whole menu, they can work in teams and each take on different elements of the meal. If the group prefers to relax and watch the chef, that option is also available. Regardless of the purpose of the event, whether social or professional, you can be sure of unique, delicious, and fun-filled experience.

Willows Lodge


At Willows Lodge in Woodinville, there are plenty of opportunities for team-building activities. The resort offers a range of experiences, such as painting with Corks and Canvas Events, creating mosaic glass designs with MoltenWorks Glass Studio, working with horses through Roam Consulting, and taking on a ropes course or challenge course with Adventura.

Designing at Seattle Makers

Let your team give their personal touches! Seattle Makers offers team building activities that can be participated in-person or virtually. In the Laser Notes event, teams will design a custom wooden notepad box and learn how to prepare it for the laser cutter. The design will then be laser cut right before their eyes. The Lasers & Coffee event involves designing a powder-coated tumbler with a favorite quote, image, or hand-drawn design and etching it onto the tumbler using the laser cutter. In the Collaborative Artwork event, teams will paint a laser-etched skyline of Seattle with guidance from an artist and take home a custom art piece for their workplace. Each panel will be painted separately and brought together to form a collaborative piece. The finished piece will be framed and delivered.

Jet City Improv

Jet City Improv offers corporate and team-building workshops for organizations that want to enhance collaboration, communication, creativity, and more. These workshops are available for in-person training or in virtual formats like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and can be customized to fit the needs of the organization. The exercises are simple and fun, with audience participation encouraged. They offer workshops that are engaging, interactive, and meaningful, blending humor with education. Your team will get to analyze the elements that make improvisation effective, and provide empowering applications to help build their skills in areas like leadership presence, customer service, and employee engagement.

Volunteering with Seattle Works

Experience how it feels to make a difference! Seattle Works provides opportunities for your team to participate in volunteer projects with local nonprofits. These projects can be small or large scale and involve activities like preparing meals, building garden beds, improving classrooms, and making changes to preschools and playgrounds. 

Cocktail Challenge at Salish Lodge & Spa

At Salish Lodge & Spa, one of the team building activities offered is the Cocktail Challenge. This event involves the lodge's bartenders sharing tips and providing ingredients for teams to use to create their own mixed drinks. Other activities offered at the lodge include group hikes and mountain bike rides.

Arcade Games at GameWorks

At GameWorks, teams can challenge each other in multiplayer games at their downtown Seattle location. The arcade features two levels of classic and modern arcade games, with over 150 stations to choose from. Their library includes arcade games from the last 40 years, from Ms. Pac-Man up to the latest games. In addition, teams can also participate in tournament play in the eSports Lounge, which offers PC and console gaming stations.


As you can see, there are many options available for team building activities in and around Seattle. This article provides an overview of some of the available options, and we hope that it helps you choose the right activity for your next team building event.