Los Angeles Team Building Ideas

With its warm weather, diverse culture, and world-renowned beaches, Los Angeles is a great place to live and work. And with the huge number of business in the area, there’s no shortage of great places for team building activities. Let’s take a look at some fun team building ideas for Los Angeles.

Airballing LA Bubble Soccer

Are you ready for something goofy and hilarious! Try bubble soccer! It’s a sport that combines the rules of soccer with the added excitement of playing inside large inflatable bubbles. Your team members wear bubble suits, or airballs, which can be used to bump opponents out of the way while playing. The gameplay is similar to soccer, but the added element of being able to bump and be bumped makes it an exciting and fun experience. Bubble soccer is a team sport, so it’s ideal for team building events.

Blue Pacific Yachting

Do you enjoy sunlight, fresh air, and the ocean breeze? Try taking your team aboard a Blue Pacific yacht! Your team will need to work together to steer the boat, while at the same time everyone will enjoy the beautiful blue ocean. You can choose which vessel you take, as well as the expertise level of your group, to make sure everything is the right fit.

Avital Food Tours

Los Angeles is a multicultural city, with a multitude of great places to eat. You can try cuisine from places all over the world. With Avital food tours, you can take a walk and explore different areas of the city such as Venice Beach, Downtown Los Angeles, and Koreatown. Avital specializes in seated multi-course progressive meals, where each course is served at a different restaurant, starting with appetizers, moving on to the entree, and ending with dessert. During the tour, participants will have the opportunity to hear stories from restaurant owners, chefs, and industry experts, all while enjoying delicious meals and drinks at some of the best restaurants in the neighborhood.

LA AX Axe Throwing

If your team is ready to try something new, different, and memorable, check out LA AX. Your team can bond with a bit of friendly competition and get to know each other better. LA AX is a large facility that offers a variety of options for visitors to throw their axes, with 24 indoor targets and 14 outdoor targets. This makes it the largest axe throwing facility that offers outdoor play in Los Angeles. Alongside the axe throwing, visitors can also indulge in a refreshing drink, play oversized lawn games, and catch the latest game on one of five large TVs.

Cozymeal Cooking Classes

Sharing a delicious meal is a time-honored way for humans to connect with each other. Cozymeal offers a unique blend of entertainment and delicious food to your team. Professional chefs will lead participants in a culinary journey, whether it's learning to make handmade sushi, homemade pasta or hosting a cooking competition. Regardless of the experience level chosen, attendees can be sure to indulge in delectable gourmet food together with their colleagues and have an enjoyable, memorable experience.

Rage Ground Rage Room

Does your team need to blow off a little steam, or are you just looking for a new and different type of experience? If so, you may want to check out the rage room at Rage Ground. A rage room is a place where everyday people can express their anger in a safe and controlled environment. Rage Ground provides a safe and fun environment for you and your team to indulge your destructive desires! They offer various options through packages and customizable options to fit everyone's needs. The safety of the customers is their top priority and they provide full protective gear including coveralls, hard hat with face mask, gloves, and a vest. They also provide weapons/tools such as pipes, bats, mallets, and items to break.

Rockreation Rock Climbing

If you’re looking to improve communication and teamwork among your coworkers, rock climbing is a great way to do that. Rockreation offers a couple of different options including “corporate climb time,” as well as “full team building”, which is a three-hour event that includes both team building and group climbing. If your team is more athletic and looking for a new challenge, you should definitely check this place out!

Nerd Improv Comedy

Another great way to improve communication is to make your coworkers laugh. It will also help them get more comfortable with each other. It can also help your team learn to think on the spot at the workplace, when things don’t exactly go according to plan. Nerd Improv offers workshops between one to three hours in length that can help your team build camaraderie, get to know each other better, and have fun!

Another Side of Los Angeles Segway Tour

Who doesn’t love a good trip to the beach? A Santa Monica & Venice Beach Segway Tour, from Another Side of Los Angeles, offers the opportunity for your team to experience a cruise alongside the beautiful beach. The tour is led by a friendly, knowledgeable guide who will take your coworkers on an incredible excursion along the beach and waterfront, discussing the area's history and pointing out landmarks. The tour is a laid-back and incredibly fun glide down the beach with a little history and background added in for good measure, and is a very worthwhile way to spend a couple of hours!


As you can see, there’s no end to the possibilities for team building Los Angeles. No matter your what your team is interested in, there’s something out there for them!