5 Cool San Francisco Museums for Team Building

San Francisco is a hub of culture — which is why it’s home to so many museums. No matter whether your team is into art, science or history, there’s a world-class museum experience for nearly any interest you can think of. 

From a team building perspective, museums are awesome settings for team building. The depth of the exhibits themselves as well as elaborate physical spaces make for an excellent scavenger hunt setting. With the help of museum staff or a member of your team who’s familiar with the exhibits, there are limitless possibilities for different themes and challenges.

These five cool San Francisco museums for team building will get your coworkers’ creative juices flowing.

#1 – Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is the ultimate location for team building. Not only is it visually striking, but it’s full of drama and oddball history. Plus, you need to take a boat to get there!

Take your team to Alcatraz Island and create an Alcatraz-themed scavenger hunt.  You can include all kinds of questions about the former inmates and the history of the museum itself.

Or if you have a BIG budget, we can even put together a professional “Escape from Alcatraz” event after museum hours.  This event involves buying out the island so any time we do this, it is pending approval by the parks department!


#2 – Asian Art Museum

San Francisco is home to the largest Chinatown in the U.S. Why not share some Asian culture with your team — before heading out for some dim sum afterward?

The San Francisco Asian Art Museum is home to thousands of works of art by Asian and Asian-American artists. Take your team here to create an original work of art, based on one of the works in the gallery. Afterward, you can take your team on a scavenger hunt through the museum.


#3 – Walt Disney Family Museum

One of the lesser-known museums in the Bay Area, the Walt Disney Family Museum is the perfect spot for storytellers, artists and innovators. The museum tells the story of Walt Disney’s meteoric rise to fame. 

After touring the museum, ask your team to build the newest Walt Disney park. From rides to concessions to the queue areas (because let’s be honest: the queue areas are the best part of the rides at Disney!), the devil is in the details in this challenge.

#4 – The Cable Car Museum

San Francisco wouldn’t be the same without its cable cars. Take your team to the Cable Car Museum to learn about the history of this unique form of transportation. 

After, ask your team to build their own cable car out of cardboard. Decorate the cable car with your team name or spirit animal. You could even include your company logo.

#5 – California Academy of Sciences

This museum is perfect for teams in the science industry. Take your team on a tour of the museum before sending them on a scavenger hunt to find the most innovative and interesting exhibits. 

One note to end on: be sure to speak with the museum itself to confirm that your planned event won’t conflict with any museum rules or sensitivities. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit and have fun!