Virtual Game Nights for Families & Friends!


You don’t have to spend another Friday night binge-watching TV and eating too much Ben & Jerry’s. Instead, have an amazing time with one of our live-hosted, interactive Virtual Events!! You can sign up individually or sign up with your friends so you can all be on the same team! Check out our three incredibly fun options below... Have a look at our upcoming Event Schedule below, Tell a few Friends, and Sign Up for some FUN!! Or if you want to plan a Virtual Game Night for your Family, Friends or Social Group, let us know some details and we can create a private event just for your group!

Virtual Game Show

Our Virtual Game Show includes a little bit of Family Feud, a dash of Pub Trivia, a sprinkle of Name That Tune or Name That Movie, and we can also top it all off with a high-energy hilarious Scavenger Hunt – that might have you running around your house to collect and create a pyramid out of toilet paper rolls (among other things…)!

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Cyber Sleuths

Cyber Sleuths is a puzzle-based event similar to an Escape Room. It’s a great way to get groups of people to work together in teams as they solve puzzles and complete challenges with items they have around the house. It’s a ton of fun!

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Amazing Cyberspace Race

The Amazing Cyberspace Race gives your group an opportunity to explore famous cities & landmarks around the world, using Zoom and the street view feature of Google Maps! Teams will race against one another to solve clues that take you across the globe, and you’ll earn bonus points for answering questions about the sites you visit!

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