The Great Mini Golf Give Back

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At a Glance

  • In a sentence: Using cans and boxes of food, your group builds their very own mini golf holes. When all the holes are built, you play the course and then donate all of the food items to a local food bank!
  • Group Size: 20 to 500
  • Team Size: 6 to 12
  • Typical Duration: 2 Hours
  • Setting: Indoor or Outdoor
  • Activity Intensity: Medium (you'll move around a bit)

This event is the perfect combination of fun, creativity and social responsibility!  At the onset each team will be given cans and boxes of food, a combination of other building supplies, and a roll of fake grass to use as their putting surface.  Our MC will explain that they will be using the cans, boxes and additional supplies to build a miniature golf hole (one hole per team).  Their holes will include hills, tunnels, and obstacles in order to make them as creative and as much fun to play as possible.   Each team will also draw a “theme” card to give them some creative direction for their hole.

Once all the holes are built, the teams will get a chance to actually play the course they just created!

Once all the teams have played all the holes, we will introduce a representative from the charity who will thank your group for the contribution of the canned and boxed food products.  While the group will have had a great time participating in the event they will undoubtedly be moved by the realization that they have just contributed hundreds (or thousands) of meals to people in the community.

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