It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Your group will have a great time as they participate in It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere! – the most creative Virtual Happy Hour you’ve ever experienced! Teams compete in a series of drink-related challenges, scoring points after each round. Our MC/Mixologist also walks everyone through the creation of an awesome cocktail that’s sure to please… Virtual Happy Hour just got REAL!!

At the onset of the event, we walk your group through the steps of how to make a delicious and tasty cocktail! (And you don’t have to ship any supplies to your participants ahead of time). We suggest Mules as these delicious cocktails can
be easily made with a variety of hard liquors. Other cocktails can be selected as well, just let us know if you have other ideas!

After the drinks, teams compete in various challenges that are all alcohol / cocktail based including:
– A boozy take on Logos to see how well alcohol makers’ marketing is doing!
– Name That Tune with all of the song titles having something to do with alcohol
– And of course, a little bit of Pub Trivia

Your group is sure to have a great time interacting and competing with each other while enjoying a beverage!

We can accommodate up to 200 People (20 Teams) in one Session.
We can run up to six simultaneous sessions allowing for over 1200 people to participate at the same time.

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