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Feet First has been providing team building events and activities in Silicon Valley and the San Jose/South Bay Area for over two decades. From established corporate tech companies to enterprising startups, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most
dynamic companies, not just in the region, but in the world. As team building facilitators, we bring our own commitments to creativity, dynamism and engagement to each event as key components of successful team building.

In terms of locations, Silicon Valley offers a wide range of settings for team building events: large hotel & conference venues for indoor activities - and spacious parks and urban centers for outdoor team building events in the immediate vicinity.

You can even take a short drive to the beaches on the coast or into San Jose or Half Moon Bay, or of course, into San Francisco to take advantage of any number of fantastic locations for your team building event!

Popular Events & Activities

Amazing Race around Silicon Valley and the South Bay – A favorite of conventions and groups hosting out of town associates, our Amazing Race event is ideal for getting teams outside and taking advantage of unique surroundings. Downtown San Jose around Cesar Chavez park is our most popular location, as it is a wonderful way to see many of the popular sites of the city! We also offer races around the entire Silicon valley, South Bay area, including some of our most popular locations in Redwood City, Palo Alto, Los Gatos and Half Moon Bay.

Beach Games - You can bring your group to a number of locations offering quintessential coastal settings for our Survivor/Beach Olympics Games which can be a fantastic option for conferences or extended stays with Venice Beach, Half Moon Bay State Beach and the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay.

Room Escapes – With roots in gaming and an emphasis on logic, it’s no surprise that the Room Escape is one of our most popular team building events in Silicon Valley. We often tailor the event so that you don’t even need a room, meaning we can simulate the best aspects of the exercise in any setting! If you want to capture this experience with a LARGE group, we offer a Hotel Escape, where your group solves puzzles and finds locations around a large hotel, building, or resort. Or if you have a large group who LOVES puzzles, but only has one space, you’ll love our Tabletop Room Escape!

Design and Build Events - Some of our most popular events allow your group to create and build things - and provide hilarious and entertaining presentations afterward! These programs  include Flugtag (Building and flying airplanes), Fast & Furious (Designing and racing Tinker Toy Cars),  MacGyver (Creating solutions to major world problems) and our Lego Build (Recreating famous Monuments with Lego)! 

On-Site Indoor CSR Events – Our Charity Give-Back programs are extremely popular in San Francisco, providing an incredible way to have fun, and give back to the local community! Favorites  include the Bike Build, Care Package/Backpack Build, Style Your Soles and Water Works.

Small Group Events -  We also offer intimate versions of our programs. Room escapes are ideal for 15 or fewer people, but also consider Pub Trivia, Minute To Win it, and Communication Breakthrough activities for smaller groups.

Check out our many team building options below…

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