At a Glance

This high energy event will have you participating in fun and hilarious games, while winning the parts to build bicycles that are donated to children at local Boys & Girls Clubs!

 Group Size:

20 to 600

Team Size:

8 to 10

Typical Duration:

2 Hours


Indoor or Outdoor

Activity Intensity:

Medium (you'll move around a bit)

About Our Event

This event is extremely high-energy and interactive, with large numbers of people competing in short, fast-paced physical and mental (and hilarious) challenges similar to those seen in the TV show Minute to Win It. But this event has a philanthropic twist… in addition to winning points for each challenge, the teams also win bicycle parts, and ultimately build bicycles to donate to a children’s charity.

Once the bikes are assembled we tally the points and announce the winning team.  We then have the winning team (or your company’s spokesperson) formally donate all the bicycles to a representative from the chosen charity.  

We have donated THOUSANDS of bicycles and we have partnerships with Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the country, so if possible we will also have children from the organization on hand to receive the bicycles.  It is a truly heartwarming - and incredibly fun experience!

Bike Build
Bike Build
Bike Build
Bike Build
Bike Build

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