American (or Your Company) Idol

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At a Glance

  • In a sentence: In this hilarious event teams are given a famous song along with props and costumes. Everyone gets plenty of time to rehearse and add choreography before performing for the entire group and finding out who wins "Your Company Idol!”
  • Group Size: 20 to 300
  • Team Size: 8 to 12 people
  • Typical Duration: 2 Hours
  • Setting: Indoor or Outdoor
  • Activity Intensity: Low (you might work out your voicebox)

musical team building activity LALights flash, the American Idol theme blares, and our MC immediately starts to pump up the audience for the festivities…

The group is put into teams, and each team is assigned a well-known song. Teams will be asked to rewrite their songs using specific words and phrases (ideally company-specific terms and inside jokes given to us in advance by YOU!). Teams will be given a certain amount of time to rehearse their new version of the song that they will be about to perform. Our choreographer will also be on hand to teach each team some dance steps for their finished performances!

One team at a time will come to the stage wearing wigs, hats and costumes, and using props to enhance the performances. Our first group will then perform their unique musical interpretation of their well-known song.

After each performance we will have humorous feedback from our “celebrity” judges. After all the groups have performed, our judges will crown one band “Company Name Idols”, and awards will be presented.

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