What We’ve Been Up To In San Diego

Feet First Events has had the pleasure of facilitating several more successful team building events in San Diego. We’ve been having a lot of fun with our San Diego teams: some of our recent team building challenges have included Giant Jenga, The Biggest Loser, Tinker Toy Tower Builder, and Bobsled Pedometers. Special thanks to our group who participated in our Military Give Back Team Building event!

FF SD Beach Firewalk

Anyone who neglected to clean up their room as a kid knows this is no joke! Held at San Diego’s Hotel del Mar on a beautiful day:


Moving on with the team building “brick-by-brick” theme, different teams tried their hand at our “Giant Jenga” challenge at the Sheraton Carlsbad:

team building exercise giant jenga

ff jenga san diego

Moving indoors to Mission Valley San Diego for our Military Benefit Team Building event, our most recent event included multiple challenges for the sake of returning service members. Below you can see teams participating in The Biggest Loser,  and The Tinker Toy Tower Build.

Like with Giant Jenga, it’s easy to forget to breathe as you try to add that one extra piece on top of your structure with Tinker Toy towers:

Tinker toy tower building team building image

The dance-off at the end of our “Biggest Loser” challenge is always a lot of fun and, as you can see, can lead to some serious ridiculousness:

Feet First Dance off team building image

biggest loser team building image san diego

At the end of the night, the end goal of contributing to service members adds another dimension to the whole experience:

group image of feet first charity team building in san diego

As always, thanks to our clients for showing up and having a great time with us!

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