Water Works Team Building with SAP Ariba

Another Great CSR Event with another Great Client!


Since we’ve begun our partnership with Waterworks this year we’ve had an veritable wave of positive experiences and feedback from companies that are moved to make a positive difference in the world.

With a focus on creating a genuine connection with the beneficiaries of the program, the goal of our Water Works team building event is to provide the means for clean drinking water for those who need it most.

One of our most recent events made quite an impression on us as a group of over 200 people from SAP Ariba came together to work toward that goal, in their case working to help Kenyan families. The number of participants alone was quite impressive, but the fact that employees and staff from over 39 countries came together and bonded through a charitable cause was pretty spectacular and certainly admirable.

We’re happy to take this opportunity to share a few example of the artwork that was created to accompany each groups’ donation of water filtration equipment!

Three cheers for the generosity and spirit of SAP Ariba working with this great charity!

And, a big thanks also to Lloyd of SAP Ariba for the kind feedback!

“With a little less than one month to organize a team building event for 200 people at our global solutions engineer offsite, you guys did a fantastic job.  The Water Works Charitable team building event had an incredible positive impact to our team.  We were people from 39 different countries, speaking different languages and all collaborating together on a cause that was binding us.  It won’t be one of those events people will easily forget.  And more, as an organizer, it makes me proud to have engaged my team in such a great event.  Thanks a lot!”

– Lloyd Keays, Global Lead of the Solutions Engineers Group of SAP Ariba.

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