Virtual Events for Charity Fundraisers!

Virtual Fundraiser Games Banner

If your charity isn’t able to have your annual fundraising dinner or 5k Walk and you are looking for ways to raise money, how about a customized Virtual Game Show?

Bob and Judy… come on down…! You’re the next contestants on the (Your Charity’s Name) Virtual Game Show Extravaganza!

That’s right – your donors can participate in an interactive and fun “virtual” game show, professionally hosted by one of the country’s top entertainment companies.

And the proceeds go to your charity!

How does it work…?

You pick the day and the time you want to hold the event. We provide the Zoom link, the professional MC’s and facilitators – and the FUN!

Your donors and friends sign up on our website and we take care of everything!

We will also gladly work with you to customize the content of the show if you want to include specific information about your organization.

Please reach out for more details… [email protected]