Amazing Race

Part scavenger hunt, part puzzle and entirely engaging. Like the award-winning Reality TV show, this event is a high-energy race throughout a particular area (a city center, hotel, theme park, etc.). ¬†At the onset, each team will be given their “Rules of the Road”, explaining the event and exactly what each team will need to do to score points throughout the morning or afternoon. They will also be furnished with a video camera and a map of the area. The teams will decipher puzzles that will lead them to various locations where they shoot videos of their teammates doing a…

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Bike Build

This event is extremely high-energy and interactive, with large numbers of people competing in short, fast-paced physical and mental (and hilarious) challenges similar to those seen in the TV show Minute to Win It. But this event has a philanthropic twist… in addition to winning points for each challenge, the teams also win bicycle parts, and ultimately build bicycles to donate to a children’s charity.

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