Water Works Charitable Team Building

  • Team Size:

    6 to 8

  • Group Size:

    10 to 1,000

  • Typical Duration:

    2 Hours

Bring your team together and make a real difference! Over one billion people in the world today do not have access to clean drinking water. As a result over 5,000 children die EACH DAY. Your group can make a huge difference – literally saving lives – by spending two hours assembling water filtration devices to provide clean water for people in a single village. Our goal with this program is to go through Africa village by village to help eradicate this worldwide problem. In order to make this happen we have partnered with Water Works, an international NGO dedicated to…

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February CSR Team Building Results!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we’re lucky to work with some of the greatest companies in the world. It’s always great to be able to highlight this fact, especially when our clients choose to make a difference through a CSR team building event! A special shoutout to our LA and SoCal clients who led the way last month!   Interested in making a difference? Read more here or click the big green button below!

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Water Works Team Building with SAP Ariba

Another Great CSR Event with another Great Client!   Since we’ve begun our partnership with Waterworks this year we’ve had an veritable wave of positive experiences and feedback from companies that are moved to make a positive difference in the world. With a focus on creating a genuine connection with the beneficiaries of the program, the goal of our Water Works team building event is to provide the means for clean drinking water for those who need it most. One of our most recent events made quite an impression on us as a group of over 200 people from SAP Ariba came together…

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Holiday Team Building with a Charitable Twist

During the holiday season, many or our team building clients choose a holiday team building event with a charitable cause to round off one year and begin another. Being the season of both giving and fellowship, it’s truly hard to find a more fitting (and fun) activity than a charitable (or CSR) team building event for the holidays. Never losing site of our core mission of bringing teams closer together through engagement and camaraderie, Feet First’s CSR events align team building goals with clients’ desire to contribute to good causes (And, we should note, we’re always left in admiration of our clients’ level of dedication to their…

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Shoe Design – For a Great Cause

We do a variety of charitable team building events here and one of our favorites is the “Style Your Soles” event. Not only do participants get to access their inner artists while creating a design on blank canvas… shoes (sorry!), but they also get the chance to work together to create a marketing campaign for their creations, jingles, posters, and even commercials. A lot of us haven’t drawn on our shoes since we owned a pair of Chuck Taylors in middle school – you might be surprised to recall how much fun you can have… and how much your design tastes have changed! At the end…

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