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Feet First Eventertainment is known for a variety of different team-building events in the California area.  Clients that have participated in our activities represent a broad variety of companies and organizations.  We offer a wide range of activities, but the following are some of the all-time favorites:

Amazing Race Celebration

Amazing Race

This event is wildly popular in many California cities. Popular spots include city centers such as the Gas Lamp District of San Diego, Union Square, or Fisherman’s Wharf in San Diego.  In Los Angeles, the event has become a virtual daily event in Hollywood or Santa Monica.  Similar to the Reality television series, participants of the Amazing Race are given their “Rules of the Road” which explain the event, including how to score points throughout the morning or afternoon.  They are also equipped with a map and a camera.  Teams work together to solve puzzles, leading them to different locations where they participate in various challenges, such as building a tower with provided supplies and launching water balloons over 100 feet with “extreme slingshots!”   While the event is usually done entirely on foot, some participants have made use of limousines, buses, speedboats and even helicopters.  With sufficient time and and budget, a wide variety of options are possible.


Survivor Games Slingshot Challenge

Survivor Games

Although the name of the event conjures images of intense athletic competition and people being kicked off an island, in reality Survivor Games is a series of challenges designed to test the mental and physical strengths of its members, in an amusing and fun way.   A variety of competitions are available, including Rubber Chicken Target Practice,  Singing Without Words, Life-size Jenga, and Giant Scrabble.  There are also inventive new versions of established games such as Dodgeball, Volleyball, and a Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby. The event can also be enhanced with bonus points for knowledge of company trivia as well as for showing team spirit.  The event typically lasts between two to three hours, which is followed by awards being presented to the winning team. This event is extremely popular on the beach of Santa Monica, as well as in San Diego, and in the many parks of the Bay Area.


make your own movie team building

Make Your Own Movies

As can be expected, this event is extremely popular in Los Angeles, the movie capital of the world. A highly entertaining event, Make Your Own Movies enables team members to create their very own movie preview.  Drawing the name of a famous movie out of a hat to start, each team then goes about the task of writing, shooting and starring in a trailer for that movie’s sequel.  Movie examples include “Austin Powers”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Ghostbusters”, and “Men in Black”, and other blockbusters.  Teams decide amongst themselves who will direct, operate the camera, be part of the production crew and, of course, who will act.  Teams receive all the necessary equipment, including a professional camera, boom microphone, clapboard, costumes, props, and cue cards.  A producer from Feet First is also be on hand to ensure everyone knows how to operate the equipment.  Shooting lasts two to three hours, after which Feet First editors compile the raw video, adding music and sound effects.  The second part of the event is showtime, as each movie preview is shown to the amusement of the audience.  Participants then vote on which movie preview is the best.


bike building charity team building

Bike Build

An energetic and interactive take on the TV show Minute To Win It, Bike Build adds a philanthropic twist – in addition to winning points for completing fast-paced physical and metal challenges, teams also win bicycle parts, building bicycles to donate to a children’s charity.  The finished bicycles are then donated by the winning team, or the company spokesperson, to a chosen charity.  As Feet First has partnerships with Boys and Girls Clubs across America, it is often possible to have children from the organization personally receive the bicycles, creating a truly heartwarming and fun experience.


gameshow team building contestant

Feet First Gameshows

Feet First hosts their own versions of popular game shows such as Jeopardy, Family Feud, Minute To Win It or Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader (Cleverly reworked as Are You Smarter Than Your Senior Management Team?)  Unlike traditional game shows however, where there are only a few participants and the rest are merely observers, at a Feet First game show every member to the team gets to play, creating a fun and high-energy experience.  Games can be specifically tailored to the participating organization, including questions about the company and it’s products, or even the co-workers of the team members.  Inside jokes about the group are added to help enhance the fun.  The event is popular not only for being a fun team-building experience, but it also is a fun and entertaining way to educate employees about a new company program or product line.  Gameshow events are not only popular during the holidays for smaller company gatherings, they are also popular for large conferences, as they offer a chance for people to have some fun inside their general session rooms.


wheelchair build charity team building

The Great Charity Challenge

An event that can involve dog houses, wheelchairs, care packages and wagons, The Great Charity Challenge is similar to the bike build event in that it provides a high-energy and interactive way for large numbers of people to compete in short, fast-paced challenges, much like those seen on the game show Minute To Win It.  In addition to winning points for each challenge, teams also win parts that are used to build items for a local charity.  A variety of items can be built, including care packages for the homeless, wheelchairs for veterans, rocking horses and wagons for pre-school children, and dog houses for animal shelters.  As fun as the event is, the ultimate reward is the experience at the end of the event, when the items are donated to a representative from the charity.


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