Cyber Sleuths: A Virtual Codebreaking Adventure

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At a Glance

  • In a sentence: Working from home? No problem! Using web conferencing, your team can still see each other and work together in a fun and competitive team building experience!
  • Group Size: 5 to 200
  • Team Size: 4 to 8
  • Typical Duration: 90 min
  • Setting: From the Comfort of your Sofa (or Desk!)
  • Activity Intensity: Your Brain will get a workout!

Given the fact that so much of the US labor force is now working remotely online, employers need tools to keep their remote employees connected as an integral part of the team. For that reason, we’d like to introduce Cyber Sleuths, a REALLY FUN way to include all the puzzles, problem solving, and intensity of a traditional scavenger hunt or room escape… but this event is purpose-built for remote team engagement using zoom or videoconferencing platforms.

How it Works:

  • Each team is comprised of members working together from their own remote locations (at home, their office, a conference room, hotel room, etc…)
  • Through Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing, each team member receives a portion of a digital puzzle or clue
  • To complete each puzzle, teams must compile information from their shared screens and work together
  • Teams race against each other to piece everything together and provide our Cyber Captain with the appropriate CODE WORDS to continue
  • The first team to complete all the puzzles and clues is crowned Sleuth Champions! 

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