5 Creative Types of Team Building Events

Theoretically, you can turn just about any activity into a team building event. But wouldn’t you rather choose an activity that fosters creativity while encouraging participants to think outside of the box? These five creative team building ideas will get your creative juices flowing and help you nail down a few team building ideas of your own. Tips for Choosing Creative Team Building Ideas The most important way to prepare for a team building activity is to try to determine your needs. Why are you scheduling a team building day? Does your team need better communication skills? Do you want…

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What Not to do when Team Building

Team building events are a great way to get your department out of their comfort zones and into a creative space. But are there any common pitfalls you should avoid when planning your event? Yes! We’ve listed a few team building mistakes we see companies making below: Lose the Corporate Culture We’ve all attended those team building events that were so saturated in corporate culture, they sucked the fun out of the day.  Team building is supposed to be fun. A lot of companies forget that. They’re so worried that they’re not going to see a return on their investment…

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On-site vs. Off-site Team Building Activities; Pros and Cons

Like any other business decision, evaluating the pros and cons of on-site versus off-site team activities is an exercise that takes into account the organization’s goals and objectives as well as time and budget. The distinction with a team-building event is consideration of the fun factor to drive employee enthusiasm and positivity. Off-site team building Partnering with team-mates away from the office environment can be a refreshing change with less chance of interruption. With a goal of energizing and challenging employees, some companies organize such off-site events as rock climbing, rafting or bungee jumping. These action-oriented experiences can create a…

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