Outdoor Adventures

Amazing Race

Part scavenger hunt, part puzzle and entirely engaging. Like the award-winning Reality TV show, this event is a high-energy race throughout a particular area (a city center, hotel, theme park, etc.).  At the onset, each team will be given their “Rules of the Road”, explaining the event and exactly what each team will need to do to score points throughout the morning or afternoon. They will also be furnished with a video camera and a map of the area. The teams will decipher puzzles that will lead them to various locations where they shoot videos of their teammates doing a…

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Survivor Games Team Building Event

Don’t let the event name scare you – you don’t have to be athletic to be successful in our Survivor Games. And we don’t kick people off the island, either! Instead we have taken our experience as consultants for the Survivor TV show, and we have designed a series of physical

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Mission Possible Team Building Event

Imagine yourself in a high-energy spy hunt that puts your group right in the middle of your own movie-like adventure. The Mission can take place almost anywhere, (in a city center, a theme park, a hotel, a marina…) as long as there are a variety of interesting elements and “playing spaces” that we can incorporate into the event. As the participants congregate at their rendezvous point, the theme from “Mission: Impossible” is playing over a sound system. An ominous voice cuts through the music, and informs the participants that they are about to embark upon their very own mission (should…

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Flugtag! Team Building Event

Put on your seatbelts and get ready for the flight of your life!! As your group arrives at the event, you will be greeted by airplane-inspired music and sound effects.  Our announcer will welcome everyone to Flugtag! (German for “Flight Day” or “Air Show”!) Each team will be given a set of tools and materials that will be used to build their very own airplanes that will be hurled from our Flugtag device onto the tarmac.  In addition to the building materials, each team will also choose an Action Figure to be used as pilots! Some planes might fly twenty…

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