On-site vs. Off-site Team Building

  Like any other business decision, evaluating the pros and cons of on-site versus off-site team activities is an exercise that takes into account the organization’s goals and objectives as well as time and budget. The distinction with a team-building event is consideration of the fun factor to drive employee enthusiasm and positivity. Off-site team building Partnering with team-mates away from the office environment can be a refreshing change with less chance of interruption. With a goal of energizing and challenging employees, some companies organize such off-site events as rock climbing, rafting or bungee jumping. These action-oriented experiences can create…

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Team Building for Virtual Teams

What can Team Building do for virtual teams? Strengthened communication, innovative thinking and energy resurgence are only a few of the benefits of face-to-face team-building events. While various workplace configurations such as remote, co-located and hybrid teams all reap rewards from these exercises, fully virtual teams often have the most to gain. As companies continue to expand their global footprint, they are able to leverage talent across regions to mobilize teams comprised of people who have never actually met one another. Each team member brings a unique set of skills and knowledge, but these contemporary team structures bring challenges as…

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Team Building; The Face-to-Face Difference

  Teambuilding: People are People Building great teams has long been left to chance, or regarded as one of the dark arts shrouded in mystery. Thanks to a recent MIT study, we now know there’s a science behind it all. It turns out the highest-performing teams have the greatest amount of casual, face-to-face interaction. Members of these teams show the greatest trust and best communication, and the best results. Get people talking, sharing, and interacting, and they strengthen as a team. In other words: Science has shown us that people are people. Who knew? The Science Behind the Science As…

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6 Steps to Boost Team Motivation

A motivated team helps improve business productivity, quality, and customer service. It also helps create an empowered environment that promotes change and focus. These steps can help re-motivate a current team or be kept in mind before a team is created.   Team Assessment A key first step in deciding how to better motivate a team is to create a clear picture of the personalities on the team. Assessing a team can include questionnaires or surveys, having informal meetings, and team brainstorm sessions. This helps identify different team member’s motivators, personality types, and working styles. Some of the most common…

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Voyage LA’s Interview with Feet First Co-Founder, Kevin Cloutier

This year, Feet First’s co-founder, Kevin Cloutier, had the chance to sit down and give an interview to the writing staff over at Voyage LA. It’s a great opportunity to learn a bit more about Kevin’s story and, more specifically, how his vision and creative background in television helped to establish Feet First as a different type of team building company. With so many of our staff having roots in LA, we’re happy that our story is getting out there in a publication that’s dedicated to showcasing the great people, organizations and events that make LA the wonderful city that it is! To read the full…

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How Do I Measure the Effectiveness of Team Building

  There is a significant difference between doing a couple of team building exercises in your conference room and getting assistance from professionals. While Bob from accounting can be an engaging character, he is not a trained expert who can get real team building results. If you want to get measurable results with your team building efforts, then you need to utilize a professional agency that knows how to set up and administer effective exercises. But how do you measure the effectiveness of team building? Is there a way that you can actually determine the value of your investment? When…

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