Team Building Ideas

Do’s and Dont’s of Outdoor Team Building Events in a Post-Covid World

(as of June 1, 2021 – although there’s a good chance that a lot of this info will change by the time you read this!) We had some amazing experiences with our virtual events, but we can’t stop talking about how excited we are to take things back to the real world again!  (No, not the MTV show — but we do offer plenty of gameshows and other experiences to show off all the newfound skills you gleaned in quarantine). From scavenger hunts to patio game shows to code-cracking, we’ve updated some of our most popular events to be new-normal…

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12 “Do It Yourself” Virtual Team Building Ideas to Spice up Online Meetings

We’ve all been there. A loud sigh at a virtual meeting as another presenter clicks through a PowerPoint, followed by a frantic check to make sure you were muted. Thankfully, this time, you were. Then you start to wonder who all your coworkers really are behind the virtual backgrounds and the shark filters. You find yourself asking, “Is there a way to cut through the talking heads and really connect with people in this virtual age?” The answer is yes! So here are our Top 12 Simple Activities that you can do on your own to bring your team together…

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