Charity Bike Building Events in Southern California

This March we’ve had a lot of clients participating in our Community and Social Responsibility team building exercises, particularly our Bike Build program. Involving the kind of fast paced, engaging challenges that we’ve come to be known for in the industry, our Bike Build program has teams competing not only for points but also for bike parts. At the end of the day each of our clients hands over completed bicycles to deserving members of the Boys and Girls Club. In the last few months, we’ve had clients in San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area take part in…

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Recent Events in San Diego

Feet First Events has continued to have a lot of fun and work toward some great causes with our clients in San Diego. With the beautiful weather, we’ve been getting outside to the Gaslamp quarter, La Jolla, and Scripps Park for our team building actives. We ended up with a great clip of some of our clients taking part in the Amazing Race and having ended up dancing with Disco Dan in the GasLamp District:   Near the beach, we had a great event with international clients at Scripps Park. Some of the activities included Giant Jenga, Rubber Chicken Flinging,  Memory…

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What We’ve Been Up To In San Diego

Feet First Events has had the pleasure of facilitating several more successful team building events in San Diego. We’ve been having a lot of fun with our San Diego teams: some of our recent team building challenges have included Giant Jenga, The Biggest Loser, Tinker Toy Tower Builder, and Bobsled Pedometers. Special thanks to our group who participated in our Military Give Back Team Building event! Anyone who neglected to clean up their room as a kid knows this is no joke! Held at San Diego’s Hotel del Mar on a beautiful day:   Moving on with the team building “brick-by-brick”…

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An Interview with Warren Press of Feet First

1) How did Feet First get started? We started in 1988 with Dave and Kevin (the Cloutier brothers) organizing intramural competitions on the UCLA campus. They became known within the student body for creating games that were original and innovative. After graduation a number of UCLA alumni started asking Kevin and Dave to bring their expertise in team-building to their corporations. Since those early days, we have helped thousands of companies strengthen camaraderie, improve communication, and build morale. We’ve also created games and challenges for some “reality” television shows, such as Survivor and Endurance. And since the spring of 2020,…

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When do I need Team Building?

Team building is an essential part of maintaining a successful company. Without good teamwork, your departments and essential groups will find it extremely difficult to maximize their complete potential. You spent a lot of time and money recruiting and training your employees and team building can ensure that you get the most out of each one. While ongoing team building is important to the success of your company, there are specific moments when team building is important to continuing production and maintaining continuity. Good teamwork helps employees to understand how to work together without having to stop and constantly ask…

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Team Building Activities for 2015

As we head into 2015, Feet First has a number of team building activities to bring you and your colleagues closer together in variety of creative ways. Whether you’re San Diego, San Francisco or Seattle we’ve got popular activities that can be held either indoors or outdoors. Depending on your specific goals, we can tailor our events to emphasize individual skills, thinking, listening, trust, time management, and crisis management. More than anything we believe in bringing a sense of camaraderie and team spirit through challenges that leave everyone smiling.           Amazing Race With Feet First’s background…

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