But Wait Theres More! A Creative Virtual Event

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At a Glance

  • In a sentence: We're stretching the virtual landscape with this incredibly creative program that has teams building products and making Infomercials to "sell" them to the public!
  • Group Size: 10 to 300
  • Team Size: 5 to 10
  • Typical Duration: 90 mins
  • Setting: From the comforrt of your sofa or home office
  • Activity Intensity: Low

But Wait There's More Creative Online Team Building EventGinsu Knives, The Snuggy, Chia Pets, The Bassomatic. These products and their Infomercials are a part of American pop culture – and now you have an opportunity to create your very own product and infomercial!

Delivered via Zoom, this program challenges teams to create a product using items they have around their homes. Once the products are built, teams will create and perform their own Infomercials!

How It Works

  • The event kicks off with a high energy Scavenger Hunt to gather base items to create the teams’ products.
  • Teams then compete in short, fast and funny challenges to include Bonus Items to take their products to the next level.
  • Once the products are built, teams create their very own Infomercials with each person adding their own “But Wait, There’s More…” feature! 
  • Our MC highlights each performer in the main session room for everyone to see!
  • With your permission, we’ll record the presentations so your group can go back and watch them again and again – or destroy the evidence!

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