Feet First Events is Now Open Again for In-Person Team Building Events

Feet First Events is finally opening the doors again to in-person team building events. For those in the know, Feet First has been a premier team building company since 1988 and serves many of the top corporations in America. For those who don’t know, be sure to stick around and see what Feet First can offer you. Indoor & Outdoor Events at Feet First 2020-2021 made the world pause and briefly go entirely virtual. Feet First has many virtual events which grew in popularity during this time. In fact, from May 2020 through December 2021, Feet First produced over 3,000…

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4 Team Building Ideas for Teams in Different Locations

These team-building ideas for teams in different locations are all based on some of our most popular in-person events. They make great remote events or pair them with their in-person counterparts if only some of your team will be remote for the experience. Amazing Cyberspace Race If your team needs a little friendly competition to motivate them, the Amazing Cyberspace Race might be for you! Based on the Amazing Race gameshow (and our in-person Amazing Race team-building events), the Amazing Cyberspace Race will take your team on a challenge all over the globe! Your team will explore famous landmarks, cities,…

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5 Team Building Event Ideas for Pharmacy Medical Technology Companies

If your pharmaceutical, biotech, or medical technology company needs a day away from the office, we recommend one of the following team-building ideas. Amazing Race Our Amazing Race challenge is very similar to the challenges featured in the popular TV show. Employees simply need to work together to solve mini-challenges, racing through neighborhoods in your city or town. This challenge is a great way for medical employees to learn creative ways to solve problems while working together. Your coworkers may even learn more about each others’ special skills. Cooking Challenges Cooking challenges are a great way for employees to get…

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5 Best Team Building Ideas for Finance and Accounting Teams

Escape Rooms You may think that escape rooms are just for kids. But you’d be dead wrong if you do! Escape rooms are challenges that force employees to work together to solve challenges. You need to think several steps ahead and learn how to quickly analyze and fix your mistakes. These challenges force you to think outside of the box to come up with creative solutions. Often, the best solution is the one that’s right in front of you that’s easiest to miss! Cooking Challenges Cooking challenges, similar to what you’d see on Iron Chef or Chopped, require your team…

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Top Team Building Ideas for Tech & Startup Companies

Got a tech team that needs a little loving care outside of the office? Our top team-building events for tech teams include opportunities to build something and get a little bit creative! How about a MacGyver Challenge or a Lego Build, or using canned goods to create famous landmarks – or building and launching airplanes?! The sky is literally the limit! Lego Build Release your inner child as you compete to build a variety of structures, including bridges, towers and even re-creations of world-famous landmarks. MacGyver You won’t believe how creative your team can be when they are armed with…

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Top 5 Team Building Events in San Diego

What makes a good team-building event in San Diego? With year-round sunny weather, gorgeous views, and iconic backdrops, you really can’t go wrong in America’s Finest City! But if you’re trying to make this year’s event full of bonding, creativity, and memories that will last a lifetime (or at least the career span of your employees), read for our top 5 team-building events in San Diego. What makes a good team-building event in San Diego? San Diego is the perfect city for the perfect team-building event! The city sees optimal, sunny weather all year long, there are plenty of neighborhoods…

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Top 5 Team Building Ideas in Napa Valley

If your team is based in or around Napa Valley, you won’t have to search high and low to find a location to host your event. All of Napa is an event space and your team members are merely players. If you’re still stumped, read on for our favorite team-building ideas in Napa Valley — and the events that work best in this scenic area of California. What makes a great team-building event in Napa Valley? While every team-building event is different, there are a few common threads that make an event truly special. A great team-building event in Napa…

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Virtual Holiday Game Show

Our Virtual Holiday Game Show includes a little bit of Family Feud (Name The Top 10 Most Played Holiday Songs on the radio in 2020), a dash of Holiday Trivia (with questions about holidays from around the world), and a round of Name That Holiday Movie (you will hear lines from famous holiday movies and your team has to come up with the movie titles).


We also top the show off with a high-energy hilarious Scavenger Hunt – that might have team members running around your houses to collect items and use them in a holiday theme (ie: make a snow angel on the kitchen floor, make a human menorah, etc.)

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The Amazing Cyberspace Race (Holiday Edition)

The Amazing Cyberspace Race (Holiday Edition) gives your group an opportunity to explore famous cities & landmarks around the world, using Zoom and the street view feature of Google Maps!  Teams will race against one another to solve clues that take you across the globe, and you’ll earn bonus points for answering questions about the holidays celebrated in each country you visit!  Who knows, you might even visit Santa’s workshop or spot a reindeer…
Please note this is a fairly tech heavy event therefore we recommend this event for groups that are familiar with the Zoom platform as well as navigating multiple open windows simultaneously.
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