Great Charity Challenge with Care Packages & School Supplies

Similar to our Bike Build event, The Great Charity Challenge is extremely high-energy and interactive. Competing in short, fast-paced challenges., similar to those seen in the game show, Minute to Win It, the ultimate goal is to provide valuable and much appreciated donations of items of your choosing. These include care packages, wheelchairs, school supplies, wagons and much more. At the end of each event, you’ll have an opportunity to donate these items to a representative of a charity of your choice.

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Amazing Race for Charity

Like our Amazing Race adventure, this program is action-packed, as teams will have two to three hours to explore a particular area (a city center, hotel, theme park, etc.). During the race they will solve a variety of puzzles which take them to specific locations where they will participate in a variety of challenges (building a self-standing five-foot tower, competing in a game of Giant Jenga, launching water balloons 100 feet with a three-person slingshot…!).  After competing in each challenge our facilitators will give each team items to put into their backpacks (supplied by us at the start of the…

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Pay It Forward

We have all heard of the expression, “Random Acts of Kindness”. This event actually gives the participants a chance to turn the phrase into a reality, as teams compete to perform random acts of kindness for total strangers. At the start of the event, teams will each receive their own video camera. They will also be given envelopes containing Random Acts of Kindness. Some of these might include getting a stranger to call his mother just to say he loves her, or feeding a parking meter for an unknown person’s car, or reading a story to a group of children….

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And Now For A Word From Our Sponsors…! (Making commercials)

If you are looking for the excitement and creativity of a film-making activity but you want to customize the content of the experience, then our Commercial Making event is perfect for your group! Depending on your objectives, the commercials can contain certain product offerings or selling points, or they can even give your staff the opportunity to tell you why your company stands out against your competition! Like our Movie-Making event, the entire group will first experience “Film 101”, where they will learn how to use the actual cameras and equipment. Each team will then be taken to their specific…

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It’s Only Rock & Roll! (Making Music Videos)

Who hasn’t dreamt of being a rock star?! Well, in this extremely fun and creative event, your team will get the chance to record your own music and go behind the lens to produce your very own Music Videos. The event begins as each team is randomly assigned a song.  If desired, the teams can rewrite the song using predetermined words and phrases given to us by your company, including themes, employees’ names, key phrases, or specific words frequently used within your organization.  Or you can choose to just use the songs as written! Once the songs have been written,…

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Making Movie Previews Team Event

We have all imitated the Movie Preview Guy’s voice… “In a world gone mad… there is one man determined to make things right…” Well, this is your team’s chance to be the man… and the voice… as you write, shoot, and star in your very own Movie Preview! At the start of the event, each team will draw the name of a famous movie out of a hat, and they will be tasked with writing, shooting and starring in a movie preview for the sequel to that movie. Movies might include “Austin Powers”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Ghostbusters”, “Men in…

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