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Outdoor Adventures

Amazing Race

Like the award-winning Reality TV show, this event is a high-energy race throughout a particular area (a city center, hotel, theme park, etc.) At the onset, each team will be given their “Rules of the Road”, explaining the event and exactly what each team will need to do t ...
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Survivor Games

Don't let the event name scare you - you don't have to be athletic to be successful in our Survivor Games. And we don't kick people off the island, either! Instead we have taken our experience as consultants for the Survivor TV show, and we have designed a series of physical ...
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Mission Possible

Imagine yourself in a high-energy spy hunt that puts your group right in the middle of your own movie-like adventure. The Mission can take place almost anywhere, (in a city center, a theme park, a hotel, a marina…) as long as there are a variety of interesting elements and ̶ ...
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Put on your seatbelts and get ready for the flight of your life!! As your group arrives at the event, you will be greeted by airplane-inspired music and sound effects.  Our announcer will welcome everyone to Flugtag! (German for “Flight Day” or “Air Show”!) Eac ...
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Make Your Own Commercials/Movie Previews/Music Videos

Take your team’s creativity to the next level as you write, shoot and star in your own Commercials, Movie Previews or Music Videos!! We can do these events on hotel properties or on city streets (pending city approval), and even on the back lots of major film studios. Wherever we are, ...
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