Post It Art for Children

art for charity team building exerciseYour group is sure to be inspired as you create artwork for children in area hospitals.

But, rather than trying to paint or make sculptures, you will be making art out of nothing but post it notes!

At the start of the event each team will be given an iconic image that is popular for children (Mickey Mouse, a Disney Princess, R2 D2, etc.). The teams will then use post it notes as pixels to re-create larger versions of the artwork.

Even if you have little or no artistic ability, it won’t matter as you will get incredibly creative experimenting with shading and colors, moving and tweaking the post it notes to make your pictures come alive!

You will undoubtedly have a great time creating the artwork, but the finished pieces will blow you away!

We will have the artwork delivered to the children the following day, and they are sure to bring a huge smile to the faces of each of the children who receive them.


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