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It’s Only Rock & Roll! (Making Music Videos)

Who hasn’t dreamt of being a rock star?! Well, in this extremely fun and creative event, your team will get the chance to rewrite famous songs, then record them, and ultimately go behind the lens to produce their very own Music Videos!

The event begins as each team randomly picks a boom box containing a CD. Each CD will contain two tracks: Track One will be a famous song, and Track Two will be an instrumental version of the song (with music only, no lyrics). Each team will have a different song!

music video team building feet first eventsThe teams will then write their own lyrics to their well-known songs, based on certain parameters that we give them. We usually incorporate each company’s customization including themes, employees’ names, key phrases, or specific words frequently used within your organization.

music video team building performanceOnce the songs have been written, the groups will then go to one of our recording stations to rehearse and record their rendition of the song. After recording the vocals, each team will be given a video camera, and they will get to explore their area and shoot a music video. Their videos will be shot without sound, so they can shoot an avant garde video (like The Monkees or the old Beatles’ videos).

make your own music video team building exerciseAfter a couple of hours, teams will turn in their cameras, and our editors will work their magic, combining the videos with the vocal tracks. The music videos will be ready to be watched within a few hours, and your group will get to see who should consider a career in music, and who should definitely NOT quit their day jobs!!

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